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Fundraising with SCCC

Each year, Southern Cross Christian Co-op invites families to participate in a number of fundraising opportunities. SCCC strives to keep tuition costs as low as possible yet there are a number of fixed costs, such a building rental, instructor fees, etc. that could very easily double or even triple the cost of membership. The minimum amount needed per family for the 2018-2019 school year is $160.00.

To keep membership at SCCC from becoming cost prohibitive, we offer our members the opportunity to raise these funds in somewhat creative and sometimes very fun ways.

This year we are offering the following fundraising options:

1. Scrip Cards (Enrollment Code for SCCC: 7L33C81B2974L)

2. Affiliate Programs (not guaranteed as part of individual fundraising goal but benefits the co-op as a whole):

  • Boxtops
  • Amazon Smile
  • Fundraisers sponsored by area restaurants 

It is our desire to be good stewards with that which we have been entrusted, whether our children, families, finances, time-management or anything else.  We hope these fundraising options help you and your family to raise the necessary total in a less-cumbersome (even fun!) way.

Families may choose the buy-out option if they are opposed to earning their fundraising dollars by the options mentioned above.  Simply write a check for $160.00 to SCCC prior to the first co-op in April.