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Homeschoolers EXCEL


Our membership year runs from August 1 to July 31. The annual membership fee is $20 for your entire family. With it, you will receive:

  • Inclusion in our annual Membership Roster;
  • Access to the Member portion of our website.
  • Access to Field Trips

Your membership fees are used to cover the costs of maintaining the website, renting the mailbox, and purchasing liability insurance for our facility. Thank you for supporting a local homeschooling community!

You can be a member of Excel without attending our coop.  If you plan on attending coop - please see below for more information:

Coop Fees

Each family pays a facility fee for the semester. The facility fee covers the cost of renting classroom space from Horizon UU. Please note that each family is responsible for this fee, regardless of how many classes are taken. This includes families that are not signed up for any classes but are coming for social time with other homeschooling families.

$110 per semester per family

In addition, class fees are set by the teachers, and are noted in the class descriptions. All classes are taught by volunteers, and class fees are used to cover the cost of materials and supplies for the class. Our teachers do not receive compensation for their work. Occasionally, classes may require a textbook or supplies that are not included in the class fee. Check the class descriptions or ask the teacher.

Please understand that facility fees and class fees will not be refunded if your child drops out of class.

Homeschoolers EXCEL and its CO-OP do not require or gather medical information, including vaccination information, from any of its members.  EXCEL and its CO-OP have never required or gathered any medical or vaccination information from any of its members.