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As of September 2019, there will be only one entrance and exit during co-op hours; the west entrance parking lot will serve as the sole entry and exit point for the church. This is for all Teach member families, tutors and other visitors. All other doors will be locked prohibiting access from the outside however, they can still be used as emergency exits from the inside.

Pastor Robert Christenson, the Lead Pastor at our host church, Park Harbor Church, along with the members of the Teach Board, regard the safety of all occupants of Park Harbor Church during co-op hours with a great deal of responsibility; the board is grateful for the church’s efforts in maintaining the church as outlined above.


  • Families are expected to check their email a few times per week for announcements, etc.
  • Email communication may be a standard part of some classes to communicate reminders and/or new information, as determined by the tutor.
  • When contacting the Board members or tutors, please use email as a first means of communication, unless it is an emergency (email addresses are found in the Directory on the private portion of the website).
  • Please expect emails to be returned within 1-3 business days.


  • Students in grades 4+ may be dropped off if they are enrolled in 3 CONSECUTIVE classes. They do not need to sign up for a full day of classes, but must be picked up within 10 minutes of the end their last class.
  • The exception to the drop-off policy is if your student is a first-time IEW (Track 2) student at Teach. In this case, a parent will need to be in class with the student, but may leave after that class if their student is signed up for 3 CONSECUTIVE classes. Please see our FAQs for more info.


  • EVERYONE must wear nametags with them placed on the clothing so as to be visible when seated during co-op hours. This includes tutors, parents, students (all ages), and children in the nursery. Nametags will be distributed on the first day of co-op in the fall.
  • When you arrive:

o Please retrieve your nametag(s) from the front table. Sticker-type nametags will be available for nursery children.

o Drop-off students, grades 4-12, must sign themselves in upon arrival. There will be a check off list available at the registration desk. This is especially important for our drop-off students, so that we know who is on the property each day.

  • Please return your nametags to the bins on front table before you leave for the day.
  • Drop-off students:

o We prefer that students wait in the building while waiting to be picked up from class. This will be a WHISPER zone for Teach, because the pastor's office is located by the front door. Even normal conversation carries into his office, and disrupts his work. On nice days, the pastor often has his window open (which opens towards the front parking lot), so please refrain from yelling, etc. when outside in the parking lot.



  • NO talking is allowed by the front door, since the pastor's office is located near the door.
  • The rest of the main/first floor is designated a WHISPER zone; voices carry directly down to the pastor's office and disrupt his work.
  • The lower-level hallway and kitchen are designated a CONVERSATION zone - interactions should be in a low-level conversational voice. There are up to 4 classes that are running in the lower level (including 2 in the gym), so please watch your volume so as not to disrupt the classes.
  • The lower-level Youth Room (Room 112) is a QUIET zone for students in grades 7-12 only (per church rules). It is reserved for students, family members, or tutors engaged in online coursework or personal study time. Musical instruments located in the room are OFF-LIMITS to Teach students (per church rules). Students found disregarding these rules will not be allowed to use the Youth Room and will have to remain seated in the hallways.


Let Epehsians 5:10” Try to discern (to learn) what is pleasing to the Lord!” serve as a guide to our behavior at Teach.

  • Park Assembly is a place of worship and we are blessed with their generosity to host our classes. Please treat the building, staff, and property, as well as our fellow families, with respect and care.
  • Please leave Park Assembly as good- or better than you found it.
  • Each family and all members of the family are responsible for all personal property brought to Teach each day. Please remember to take all belongings home at the close of co-op.
  • Eating is allowed in the kitchen only; please enjoy your snacks and lunch in there.
  • If your student is a drop-off student, they must abide by of the guidelines and policies of Teach—it is the parents’ responsibility to go over each of them with their student to ensure they understand them.
  • Electronic devices with sound always require the use of headphones/ear buds, regardless of where you are on church property.
  • Members will be held personally financially responsible for damage caused to Park Assembly property. Each family assumes compete responsibility and liability for themselves, their children, and their personal property during Teach functions.
  • We do not allow students grades k-6 to go outside unsupervised, except to wait outside the church’s entrance for pick-up. Parents on site with kids, grades k-6, are welcome to take their children outside any time. Drop-off grades 7-12 are to refrain from walking around the lake located to the east of the church. This lake is not church property; once you leave the church property you need to remember you are no longer affiliated with Teach co-op.
  • Track 1 students, Track 2 non-drop-off students, and pre-K aged children are to remain in the care of a parent/grandparent when not participating in classes or the nursery. If the parent needs to leave the building, a Guardianship Form must be filled out and signed by both the parent and the person who has accepted responsibility for the child(ren). The Guardianship Form must be hand-delivered to a board member.
  • Running in the hallways or up and down the staircases are disruptive and prohibitied! They also pose a safety issue to the other members of the Teach community. Students are to refrain from running.
  • Shoes are required at all times; no barefeet or socks only. There are staples, pencil tips and other objects/materials that may pose a safety issue to barefeet and feet with only socks on them.
  • There is to be no yelling in the hallways between members of the co-op during or between classes; this is disruptive to ongoing classes and other members of the coop.
  • There are to be no physical contact games, ball throwing, etc. in the hallways; this form of play can be carried out in the gymnasium during “open gym hours” (varies with classroom assignment and posted on gym doors during co-op hours).
  • Students are expected to participate and complete take down in the room of the last class of the day, under the direction of Teach and or the tutor.


Parents please discuss the following lunch guidelines with your children prior to the first day of co-op and remind them of them throughout the year:

  • Luches or food may not be stored in the refrigerator in the kitchen.
  • Food must be contained to the kitchen; NO eating in the gym, hallways or other areas of the church.
  • Each family/child must clean up their own lunch and the area where they eat and all lunch trash must be disposed of leaving the counters clean.
  • Please do NOT put liquids in the garbage (per request of the church)
  • Kitchen countertops and microwave turntables need to be wiped down if they become dirty.
  • LARGE Kitchen appliances are NOT TO BE TOUCHED (knobs turned – the silver wall ovens, and black range (oven with cook/stove top) are gas so it is important to not turn these which may cause harm to others as well as the equipment)


  • Students are expected to attend all classes, on their own, for which they have been registered. If they miss class(es) a notice will be sent to the parents.
  • If you or your student has a concern regarding a tutor, class content, or class communication, please follow the example for Christian living found in Matthew 18:15 and privately and respectfully address the tutor first.
  • If it appears the concern is not being addressed according the Matthew 18:15, after the tutor is contacted as outlined above, then please contact a member of the Teach Board via email. A meeting will be arranged with at least 2 board members to discuss the matter. Teach Co-op discourages discussing issues via email.


Located on the shelves above the coat rack, across from the pastor's office, adjacent to the front lobby; items will only be kept for 1 semester with any items left at the end of each semester to be donated or thrown out.


As a Christian, we are to treat our body as a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19). This, as well as our desire to honor our host church, leads us to expect students to have modest and clean dress.


Respecting God and His Authority, and displaying respect for each other and their property are important principles for all members of the Teach community. One of the most important goals of our experience at Teach is demonstrate being a follower of Christ; the daily actions of our members should reflect our effort to display that goal in Christ’s name!

Cheating, lying, stealing or verbally referring to one another in a disrespectful manner will not be tolerated.

Immediate action shall be taken by tutors and the Board members of Teach if such behavior is demonstrated by anyone!