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Volunteer Policy

Because we are a group of families working together to meet a common goal, volunteers are crucial and required for the operation and existence of our organization and our ability to offer classes.

  • Families that use the nursery will be called on to volunteer in the nursery more than other families who are not using it.  You will only be scheduled one shift for each day that you're scheduled—unless you willingly volunteer more hours (substitute for sick member, etc.)!
  • Families that are not "drop-off" families and stay on-site will be scheduled to volunteer several times throughout the year. Please note that the amount of times you need to serve is directly dependent on how many families register at Teach for a given year. Therefore, it is difficult to predict how many times you will need to serve. Typically, families tend to serve 5-10 times throughout the year (30 weeks), with each service time being 1-2 hours of the day. The Volunteer Coordinator will ask for families to sign up and then assign slots, trying her best to base them on the times you are at Teach. Families are able to swap times with other families, if necessary (using the Teach Forum on our website first).
  • 4th-12th grade “drop-off” families will be assigned volunteer slots per semester; once they are assigned, families may trade if necessary. The number of times is directly dependent on the number of families that register at Teach next year. We welcome additional help from these families and/or students; please email us if you are able to serve more!


Volunteer slots will be  announced by the Board  at the beginning of the school year. Please let the Board know if you have any situations or medical conditions that limit you to the type of help you can provide.

After the initial sign up, if you have swapped a volunteer time with another family, please email Laurie at:   lauriegentrup@yahoo.com with subject line as: TEACH VOLUNTEER SWAP. 

·         Our volunteer responsibility is to serve our assigned times. In the event you are unable to fulfill it and know of a date you will be gone, please find a replacement by swapping times with other families.  This is your responsibility to find a replacement.  Please notify Laurie at lauriegentrup@yahoo.com after the swap has been made.  In the event your family has an unexpected emergency or wakes up sick, please make an effort to find a replacement.  In the event a replacement is unable to be found, please notify Laurie.  One of your service deposit checks will be cashed to pay someone to fill your spot. Following this guarantees a successful year for all!   

·         If you are having trouble finding someone to swap with, you can post on the Forum under the thread, "Volunteer - Swapping Dates," indicating which date you need covered.                                                                                        

·         Each family must submit 2-$40 checks in the fall to be held as a service deposit. If you are not present at your designated service time and you do not find a replacement, the co-op will cash one check and the money will be used to pay your substitute volunteer. The second will be cashed if it happens again. If you fulfill your volunteer requirements for the year, the checks will be returned to you at the end of the school year.                                                   

·         The Volunteer Coordinator will send out a weekly email reminder (only to those families on the volunteer schedule for the week) through Teach’s website. Be sure you have your settings set in your profile to allow emails to be received so you can receive these if you would like the reminder. However, it is your responsibility to be aware of your time slots on the Volunteer Schedule (posted on the website), regardless of whether or not you receive a reminder email.

Thank you for your time in volunteering!  Teach can only exist with help from all of our families.  If you would like to sign up for more than the required amount of spots we are requesting, please feel free to do so. Contact Laurie at lauriegentrup@yahoo.com