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Track 1, K-3, Class Descriptions


55 min. class, 30 weeks, Terri Kryzer

Students will be introduced to a variety of mediums and learn about six master artists. Mediums include drawing, colored pencils, sumi art, painting with tempera & acrylic paint, printmaking, watercolor, pastels and one clay piece, glazed and fired. Projects vary from year-to-year, so this class can be taken more than once.

Supply fee of $15 for the whole year covers the cost of paper, pastels, glue, clay, glaze, kiln fee, sumi ink, ink for printmaking, acrylic and watercolor paints, paper towels and copies. 

Cost:  Early Registration = $200/year ($210 after July 15th); + $15 supply fee payable directly to Terri Kryzer on the first day of class


55 min. class, 30 weeks, Cindy Beck

The focus of this class will be to lay the groundwork for future musical enjoyment and exploration while guiding the students to discover and explore the beauty of music that surrounds us. Active participation in singing, instrument exploration, drama, creative movement, notation, and musical games will be combined together in a fun atmosphere. The class will present a performance for families in the co-op at the end of each semester!

Cost:  Early Registration = $200/year ($210 after July 15th)


55 min. class, 30 weeks, Nancy Djerf

The beauty and delight of words is the basis of this early experience in creative writing.  Primary students will learn to make impressive word choices, follow patterns in language, and create stories and illustrations.  Projects are adjusted to the ability of the child.  Parental involvement includes in-class scribes and encouragers!  Many children's books are read aloud to reveal the wonder of the written word.  This course will prepare students IEW classes in the future.  Early Writing Fun is the way to begin the successful journey to creativity and mastery of language art skills by experiencing unique and exciting assignments!  The assignments rotate on a 3-year basis, so this class can be taken up to 3 consecutive years.

Cost:  Early Registration = $200/year ($210 after July 15th)


55 min. class, 27 weeks*, Sharis Cooley

*This class starts on 9/12/17, with 3 weeks off at the end of the year

Explore science in a fun, hands-on curriculum! In this experiential-based science class your student will get excited about learning how God created our world and our bodies perfectly and with purpose. There are 4 sections that are each 6 weeks long and one section that is 3 weeks long, for a total of 27 weeks of fun with science! Each class will also have a take-home memory song associated with the lesson. This class rotates on a 3-year basis, so a child can take it for 3 consecutive years without repeating any of the programs!

Supply fee of $30 (payable directly to Sharis Cooley on the first day of class or before) covers the cost of supplies needed for each class. There will be at least one demo per class and typically also a hands-on activity for each student. We will build science lab books throughout the year for each student to keep so that they can reflect on what they learned.

The 5 sections we will cover this year are:

Zoology (6 wks)

Explore your senses, learn about camouflage, identify ocean layers, dissect an owl pellet, investigate insects, and dissect a worm in this introduction to some of the billions of different creatures living on earth.

Weather (6 wks)

Dive into the water cycle, make a precipitation predictor, create a cloud in a bottle, observe pressure, make wind, and explore extreme weather events from the comfort of the classroom. Weather is easily observable, making it a fun and educational field for students to explore!

Anatomy (6 wks)

DNA and genetics, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, and the nervous system are all of the topics we will cover in this basic introduction to human anatomy.

Electricity and Magnetism (6 wks)

Simple circuits, flashlight fun, conductors and insulators, magnetism, electromagnetism and power production are all part of this hands-on exploration of the science of flowing electrons!

Health, Nutrition and Movement (3 wks)

What to eat and how to move. This short section will cover the importance of exercise, stretching and balance as well as an overview of why healthy eating is important in taking care of the body that God gave each of us! 

Cost:  Early Registration = $220/27 weeks ($230 after July 15th) + supply fee of $30 payable directly to Sharis Cooley on the first day of class

SPANISH:  Los Ninos de Dios - The Children of God, K-3rd

55 min. class, 30 weeks, Patty Noguera

Please see the Spanish Program Overview for Senora Noguera's approach to tutoring Spanish.

The Spanish curriculum and linguistic goals of this class are embedded in art projects, games, relay races, drama, singing, and more, all designed to appeal to a child's sense of discovery and fun.  This hands-on, interactive, “high-energy" approach ensures that children are motivated and engaged while learning at the same time. My demonstrative approach to teaching Spanish fosters a positive, can-do attitude toward language learning!

Topics covered in this course include: Common Phrases, Alphabet. Counting, Verbs, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Body Parts, Family Members, Animals, Emotions, Clothes, Household Rooms and Furnishings, Food, Calendar, Classroom Objects, Opposites, Months, Days of the Week, Seasons and Foods.

Required Materials (to bring to every class):

  1. The Complete Book of Spanish, Grades 1-3
  2. Small whiteboard, sock or eraser, whiteboard marker
  3. Pocket folder
  4. pencil, red pen


  1. Custom-made audio files are given on the various units to listen to at home. Your child should listen at least twice daily to the (very) short audio segment(s) and homework will be assigned from their book on a weekly basis.
  2. Verbal assessments will be given once a month, wherein the tutor will pronounce the vocabulary word and the student chooses the correct picture or phrase which they think matches the Spanish word spoken.
  3. Students may start at various levels in this class (i.e., this class can be repeated in subsequent years) because the curriculum re-cycles in order to maintain long-term cognitive comprehension.

Cost:  Early Registration = $240/year ($250 after July 15th)