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Two-Day, Grade-Leveled Class Information

Here you can find information about the 2-day program, in general.  Then, scroll down to see grade-specific information. 

All 2-day classes are now open for registration.

We may make changes to these details at any time.

The 2-Day Classes are DROP-OFF classes.  Parents are only required to be on campus for their volunteer days (see below).

The Tampa Covenant Homeschoolers two-day grade level classes serve to provide students with a rich learning and social environment two days each week (Tuesdays and Thursdays), as well as at-home lesson plans and support for three at-home days each week.  Hours are from 9 - 1 (Kindergarten) and from 9 - 2 (First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade).  The Two-Day classes are drop-off classes.  Our school year dates are on the "Important Dates" page.


  • Parents are the primary teachers.  Co-op teachers of two-day classes are available for help and support.  Lesson plans for at-home days are provided for use at the parents' discretion.
  • Parents are always welcome in the classroom. 
  • We teach children, not curriculum.  At these young ages, so much of learning is about readiness.  We aren’t planting a tree.  We plant a seed, then water it, feed it, nurture it and wait in joyful, unhurried anticipation.  God has these children exactly where He wants them.  We rejoice in who and where they are.

Volunteer Requirement

  • It is a requirement in two-day classes that we have one parent in the classroom each class day.  Therefore, parents must plan to spend the day in the classroom at least six (6) times per student throughout the school year.  Parents must find other arrangements for siblings.  If we do not have a parent volunteer for any day, class will be cancelled for that day.

Letter of Intent and Portfolio Evaluation information

  • If you have never filed a letter of intent and your child will be 6 years-old before Feb. 1, 2021, then you MUST file a letter of intent to homeschool with your county.   We are happy to provide a sample of that letter for both Hillsborough and Pasco Counties.  This letter is only sent once, when you begin your homeschool program.  The date of receipt by the county becomes your “anniversary date.”
  • Evaluations.  By your anniversary date each year, you must send a “Portfolio Evaluation Form” to the state.  (There are other choices, but this is the one supported by our co-op teachers.) We have sample forms with which you can create your own.   Portfolio Evaluations are not included in class fees.  

Curriculum you should have at home

  • Enrolled families will receive a list of required and recommended at-home curriculum.  You can expect to spend approximately $150 - $400 (plus shipping).


  • We require a materials fee to hold your spot in the class.  The materials fee is $80 and is due upon official registration (not waiting list registration.  If you are on waiting list, please wait to pay the materials fee).   If this fee is not paid, we will assume you do not want the spot and it will be released.
  • Co-op Membership Fee of $25, annually.
  • Facility fee is $80 per student in Kindergarten.
  • Class fee is $1200 per student in Kindergarten.
  • Facility Fee is $100 per student - First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade.
  • Class Fee is $1400 per student - First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade.

Training and Evaluation Requirements

  • All families who are new to the Tampa Covenant Homeschoolers two-day grade level classes are required to attend a homeschool training near the end of the summer, before school begins.  This training is included in your class fee.  This meeting date and time are to be announced.
  • Every Kindergarten student, and other students by teacher request only, will enjoy time with their teacher near the end of the summer, for a placement assessment.  This is not a test.  It is simply a tool used by the teacher to determine where the child is developmentally and academically in order to individualize instruction in the classroom and on the at-home lesson plans.  Registered students will receive a link to sign up for an assessment date, dates to be announced.

Kindergarten-specific information:

Kindergarten Objectives


  • An Old Testament survey of major Biblical characters, Biblical events and God’s redemptive hand in the lives of His people. 
  • Understand that God gave us the Bible as His only written word and identify its two major parts, Old and New Testament. 
  • Recite from memory the Books of the Old Testament, The Apostles’ Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, and Psalm 100.'  (Highlighted portion indicates that this is the parents’ choice.  Changes according to parents' requests from year to year.)

Language Arts

Integrated throughout all curriculum, and individualized for each child, our Language Arts program focuses on pre-writing, phonogram sounds and shapes, writing, reading and literature. 

  • State in their own words that God gave us language, written and spoken. 
  • Enjoy hand-eye coordination practice through various pre-writing and fine-motor exercises. 
  • Recognize phonograms in both print and cursive, and articulate sound/s that each makes. (Using Spell to Write and Read curriculum.)
  • Begin the process of consistently and properly form lower case versions of each cursive letter. (Parents' choice.)
  • Begin to practice reading at each child’s reading readiness level. 
  • Delight in various poetry, literature and non-fiction selections relating to unit study. 
  • Poetry memorization.


  • State that God gave us numbers and systems. 
  • Using Singapore Early Bird Mathematics and Saxon 1, a variety of manipulatives and math fact worksheets, begin with concrete experience of number concepts, moving to workbook and story problem mastery.


  • Explore God’s creation through hands-on experience, poetry, songs, and chants.
  • Science units include Five Senses, Plants, Animal Classes, Pets, Habitats and Seasons.

History / Geography

  • Understand that God is sovereign in their lives, their families and in the world. 
  • Describe their own family structure up to grandparents. 
  • Identify the seven continents. 
  • Define community and recognize basic traffic signs. 

First Grade-Specific Information:

My goal is to build the child’s natural curiosity for God’s world and wonders. By making learning fun and interactive, a child will feel successful. I believe in building good habits and teaching children the character traits to be a disciple of our Lord and Savior. I feel called to partner with parents and to encourage them as the primary teacher.


  • New Testament Survey

Monthly Character Trait Study, including:

  • Attentiveness
  • Self- Control
  • Generosity
  • Forgiveness


  • Bob Jones University Press, Grade One.
  • In-class math: time, calendar, money, fractions, geometry, and measurement.
  • At-home math:mastering addition and subtraction facts.

Language Arts

  • Work with families to establish good reading habits to create lifelong readers.
  • Master phonograms (Spell to Write and Read phonogram cards).
  • Read rich children’s literature.
  • Primary Phonics Program, individually leveled for each student.
  • Work towards reading fluency by enjoying poetry.
  • Continue to build cursive writing techniques.(Students who have not started cursive should purchase and practice Cursive First over the summer.)
  • Grammar: introduction to basic parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives.


  • Apologia’s “Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day.”Optional for at-home purchase.  Explore the creatures God created for the water habitats.

Second Grade - Specific Information  


  • Memorize selected passages that correspond with each of those 10 questions.
  • Use a Bible to find and read verses.
  • Memorize both the books of the Old Testament and the new Testament.
  • Daily devotional: Indescribable, devotions about the Bible and science.

Language Arts

Use the IEW program to explore the 4 Language Arts


  • Read 2-3 Novels in class


  • Memorize & Recite poetry
  • Use key-word outlines to communicate information to class


  • At-home readers leveled at students’ ability


  • Write paragraphs from key word outlines adding complexity as the year progresses
  • Expand on the students’ knowledge of grammar rules and punctuation


Growing with Grammar, Level 2


  • Using BJU Math 2, develop an understanding of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Commit to memory and master addition and subtraction facts.


  • Introduce students to the wonders of Creation, using Enjoying God’s World.

Third Grade - Specific Information

My mission is to foster the love of learning in each child through engaging them in hands-on, fun, and interactive lessons. I want to support each parent in their role of primary teacher and help each student work to the best of his/her ability. Above all, I want to point each child to the God who created them and loves them as they learn more about the world He made.


  • Bible will be incorporated throughout all subjects as He is the creator of the world we live in.
  • We will focus on the nine fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) through studying Bible Scripture and Bible characters that reflect these fruits.
  • Students will memorize scripture that relates to the fruits of the spirit.

Language Arts


  • Students will continue learning how to be a good reader by reading books that coincide with each student's ability. We will further their comprehension skills through discussion questions, oral and written.
  • Students will enjoy rich literature and poetry.
  • Students will have the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills through book reports and reciting poetry.


  • We will work toward spelling mastery using Spell to Write and Read.


  • Students will develop their writing skills using the IEW Bible Heroes curriculum.
  • Students will also be given the opportunity to practice cursive or manuscript handwriting (parent’s choice).


  • We will dig into grammar as students will learn the different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, interjections, conjunctions), and begin learning how to diagram sentences.


Using BJU Math Grade 3, we will work toward mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts at home. We will work in class toward understanding place-value, decimals, fractions, money, geometry, measurement, graphing, etc.


  • Students will marvel at how we are wonderfully and fearfully made by God as they are introduced to Human Anatomy using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, Usborne First Encyclopedia, as well as other books.

History/ Geography 

Students will enjoy a general overview of American History beginning with early explorers to the birth of our nation through various books, videos, and activities.  We will also cover geography lightly and memorize the 50 states and capitals of the USA.


Registration Details

For your information, this is the order in which we run registration for 2-day classes:

  1. We open pre-registration to those currently enrolled in a 2-day class first.  (So, First Graders automatically have a space held for them in Second Grade, etc.). If all classes are full, and all students move up, then First, Second, and Third Grades will be full for the following year without ever opening these classes for registration.  All interested families will then be able to get on the waiting list when registration opens, in the order listed here.
  2. We open pre-registration to siblings of those enrolled in 2-day classes.  (So, if you have a child registered for First, and have a rising Kindergartener, that sibling is next to register.)
  3. For Kindergarten only, pre-registration is then opened for kids enrolled in the Mother's Morning Out program. If Kindergarten is already full with siblings, then the Mother’s Morning Out kids will be allowed to register for the waiting list before registration opens to other members.  Participation in the Mother's Morning Out program is not a guarantee of Kindergarten registration - it just moves the child to the top of the waiting list.
  4. Finally, registration is open to the membership of TCH.  We will use the waiting list if children drop out of the class.  Of course, if space is available, families may register as soon as registration opens.
  5. If availability exists, we will promote the class to the wider Tampa Bay homeschool community.   

Please note:

  • Tampa Covenant Church, members of the Board, and individual instructors have priority for all classes requests and may pre-register before the order listed above.
  • Waiting lists are not honored in order, meaning that first on the waiting list does not necessarily mean first to move into a vacant spot.  Priority is given to current 2-day families, Tampa Covenant Church members, teacher requests and Board requests.
  • Instructors may change their class minimum or maximum at any time, depending on the needs of registered students.  For instance, the teacher of a class with a high number of special needs students may choose to have a lower maximum number of students than listed.