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Summer Camp Descriptions

Tampa Covenant Homeschoolers

2019 Summer Camp Descriptions

This is a current list of camps being offered in the summer of 2019. We may add more camps as they are planned.  Members will be notified of new camps scheduled via the Saturday morning email  The list is alphabetical by camp name. 

Payment for most summer camps is due on the first day of that camp.  Payment for ART camp is due at registration.

Animals in Nature ART Camp     This 5-day camp starts Monday, June 3rd and runs through Friday, June 7th, 9 - 2 each day.

Campers 6 - 10 years old will have fun during this art camp, drawing, painting, printing, and sculpting animals in nature while getting a little messy and collaborating with others in a safe and supportive environment!

Daily Camp Schedule:

  • 8:30am-9:00am Morning check-in
  • 9:00am Camp starts with fun art making.
  • 11:30am Lunch
  • 12:00pm Art creation resumes
  • 2:00pm Parent pick-up   Please be on campus by 1:55 to pick your child up at 2:00.

Campers should bring a sack lunch, two snacks, and a water bottle on each class day.  (Refrigeration and microwave are not available to campers.)

The students will enjoy time outside.  Please dress in clothes and shoes appropriate for the weather and for outdoor activities.

Late pick-up fee will be assessed for those parents arriving to the classroom after 2:00.  $20 late fee, plus $1 for each minute after 2:00.

This camp is being provided to Tampa Covenant Homeschoolers - and the community at large - by Interplay Space.  It's a fabulous non-profit and you should check it out:  interplayspace.org

Unlike our other camps, this camp must be paid at the time of registration.  The instructor must purchase so many materials before camp begins (included in the price) and unpaid registrations that cancel cost our instructors.    Camp fee of $205 includes a $10 facility fee, all materials, and an online payment processing fee.  Please pay online when you register, using this link:  www.paypal.me/tchomeschoolers.  

If you have specific questions about this camp, please contact the instructor, Dana Warner, at danawarner@interplayspace.org.  If you have general administrative questions, please contact Mary Lynch at admin@tampacovenanthomeschoolers.com.

MATH Camp - Middle and High School  June 3 - 7, 9a - 2p daily

A self-paced comprehensive review of math topics ranging from basic concepts through through introductory Calculus in a small group setting with individualized instruction provided by a student-teacher rtio of no more than 8:1. 

Ideal for any student who has completed pre-algebra and wants to prepare for the next level of math including those entering Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, College Algebra, or adult learners wishing to review or sharpen their algebra skills or prepare for college placement tests (ASVAB, PERT, etc).

Students work in small groups and/or independently and move at their own pace to focus on the skills most needed by that student.

Payments for Summer Camps are due on the first day of camp.  The class fee of $260 includes a $10 facility fee.  Please make checks out to Tampa Covenant Homeschoolers.

Physics Lab Camp May 27 - 30, 9am - 2pm

Prerequisites: Should be taken after or concurrently with any physics curricula. Students should have strong algebra skills through Algebra 2.

This class awards 1 High School Natural Science Lab for those students who complete all assignments.

Hands-on physics labs at a level equivalent to those offered through a community college introductory physics lab. Activities cover all the tradition al physics topics including: kinematics, optics, electricity and magnetism. Students will work in small groups to complete the activities.
The final activity will be the presentation of a poster from one of the completed activities.
The student will have homework. They will be expected to prepare for the next day’s labs by reading carefully, for understanding, the labs to be conducted.
All lab materials and the lab manual will be provided. Students should bring lunch, snacks, pencils, and a calculator.

Class fee (for students who have NOT taken Miss Christy's Physics class) is $280, which includes all materials and a $10 facility fee.

Please direct questions about this class to the instructor, Christy Bebeau at cmbebeau@gmail.com.  Please direct general co-op questions to admin@tampacovenanthomeschoolers.com.

SAT Prep Camp This 5-day camp starts Monday, July 8th and runs through Friday, July 12th, 9 - 2 each day.

This camp begins with students taking the full SAT under testing conditions.  Based on the results, the remainder of the week is customized for each student to focus on the sections on which he or she needs to focus.  Questions the students did not get correct or did not understand are explained.  Additionally, instructors provide tips and techniques as well as test-taking strategies.

Payments for summer camps are due on the first day of camp.  The class fee is $260 includes a $10 facility fee.  Please make checks out to Tampa Covenant Homeschoolers.

If you have questions about the ACT Camp, please reach out to the instructors Carolyn Lang (clang002@gmail.com) or Chirsty Bebeau (cmbebeau@gmail.com).  If you have general co-op questions, please send an email to admin@tampacovenanthomeschoolers.com.

STEAM Camp for 1st - 9th Graders BALLISTICS    May 28-31, 9a - 2p daily

During this one-week camp, students will work with a group to build a fortification and artillery.  We will test, calibrate, modify, and retest the defenses and the artillery using an engineering model.  Camp will culminate with a battle to test until failure (destruction) of the fortifications using the artillery built during the camp.

Payment is due on the first day of the camp.  Fee of $235 includes a $10 facility fee.  Please make payable to Tampa Covenant Homeschoolers.

STEAM Camp for girls * 1st - 8th Graders July 22 - 26, 9a - 2p daily

We will explore STEAM using a curriculum designed specifically for girls.   Visiting scientist will join us a few times during the week to share a peak into the wide variety of careers available with STEAM degrees.

Payment is due on the first day of the camp.  Fee of $210 includes a $10 facility fee.  Please make payable to Tampa Covenant Homeschoolers.

*BOYS ARE WELCOME!  The class is partially sponsored as a "for girls" class, but everyone is invited and everyone will enjoy the discount.