Our Lady Of Guadalupe Catholic Homeschool Group


The Catholic Homeschool group began in the late 1980s, when several families started researching homeschooling.  They felt it was very important to pass on the Faith through the use of Catholic curriculum and the Gospel of Life.  They wanted to preserve the innocence of their children by gathering with other Catholic families.   They gathered together for a variety of faith based activities like praying the rosary, and religious craft.

                The Catholic group along with other non-denominational groups were involved in the Political Process and implementing many of the protections in Frankfort guarding the homeschool privileges today.  They would send bus loads to Frankfort and peacefully speak out about Pro Life issues while the politicians met in committees.  The homeschool families including kids walked in parades, worked the polls and so much more. 

                As the Catholic Group grew to 50 families, they turned to Father Berscheid for spiritual leadership.  A core group of moms would meet with Father Berscheid and map out the activities of the year.  This resulted in the Homeschool year being focused on growing in the Catholic Faith.   They began holding monthly gatherings which included Mass, Vespers, and a teaching by Father Berscheid to the students.  They would conclude with a potluck supper and crafts that reflected the feast days. During the summer they held a homeschool picnic in one of the family’s backyard.  This picnic included an outdoor Mass with music.  At Christmas they put on a play and sang Christmas Carols.  Most of the family gatherings took place in someone’s home which led to sense of Catholic Community.  This also made it possible for the Dad’s to be involve the homeschool process.

The Catholic homeschool group has continued to grow in numbers.  The group decided to go under the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe and renamed the group “Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Homeschool Group” (or OLGHS for short). They continue to celebrate many of the same activities the group started back in the late 1980s. 


August-Mom’s Retreat

September- Opening School  Mass

November- All Saint’s Day Mass and Celebration

December- Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day

February- St. Valentine Feast Day

March – St. Patrick Feast Day

April- Lenton Activities-Rosary and Sations of the Cross

May-Graduation and Closing Mass