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Meeting Minutes: August 7, 2018

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Posted 11/20/18

AHC Membership Meeting

August 7, 2018

Hosted by Diana Young

Attended by: Diana Young, Mike Boyles, Ash Hoffenberg, Michelle Pelot, Amber Morris, Crystal Bowden, Amy Medford


Diana read the Mission Statement and began the meeting


Agenda item 1: Registration

Membership is down for classes, but since registration has just opened this is expected to change.

Mike is doing a great job as Membership Coordinator. Thanks Mike!


Agenda item 2: Accounting

Amber has been going over the accounting and trying to get everyone’s accounts straightened out before classes begin. We will be moving toward a more integrated accounting system within HSL. There is a better way to track scholarships, and other payments. The new features to HSL have made this much easier. Amber is working to wipe out the old issues so we can start the year fresh with a clean transition to full HSL accounting.

She needs PayPal information in order to process payments via PayPal. Do we know who has that password? Crystal will talk to Lorraine and Amy will talk to Kat about finding that information. It would be good for everyone to remember to put their information in the Google drive assigned to them. That way we can keep all the important info (passwords, emails, notes, etc) in one place for the next person.


Agenda Item 3: Next Meeting Oct 2

Our next meeting is Oct 2nd. We will need to review membership and registration and begin to recruit for Spring semester.

We are so grateful to have Ash as Apprentice Communications Coordinator. Allie Charlesworth has agreed to be Apprentice Accounting Coordinator.

Zenith needs a Location Coordinator and Volunteer Class Coordinator Apprentices.

Apex will get a “Coffee Club” this semester. Yeah!


Open Discussion: There was an additional discussion around our membership numbers, our turnover, and retention of new members. We seem to have a high turnover. No one seemed too concerned because homeschooling by nature changes so much. It seems many people join and then have life changes (move, transition to hybrid or public/private school, not a good fit). We would like to do a better job of integrating new members. We have talked about a buddy system for a long  Crystal will coordinate a buddy system for new members and send out an email for volunteers. We talked about a survey to be sent out at the end of term to see what feedback we can get on returning members, reasons, and thoughts about AHC. Ash agreed to make and send survey.