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Graduation information for 2018-2019 Coming Soon


One of the primary purposes of NHEA is to encourage one another in our home school journey. Graduation is one of the special ways we achieve that goal. At the end of each school year we facilitate a graduation ceremony for our members, honoring its graduates and their parents; celebrating their accomplishments. The opportunity at graduation to witness other families' successes and celebrate with them provides strength, hope and camaraderie. 

Beginning in Fall of each school year you should receive email communication through the NHEA informational forums. This event is available for students who have completed kindergarten, 8th grade and high school, and consists of the graduation ceremony, followed by a reception. You will not want to miss graduation - it is always a blessing!

Informational Meeting is usually on a Monday night in September. 

Note:  Registration and Payment deadline is November 15th each year.  If your student or any other NHEA member would like to participate in NHEA Graduation, they must be registered and paid by this date.  

This event is designed to bless our entire NHEA membership.  If a new family moves to the area and joins NHEA and registers and pays for Graduation before November 15th preceeding the Graduation, they will be welcomed to participate.  Joining NHEA for only one year (the year their child is graduating) for the sole purpose of graduating your child on stage is not considerate, acceptable, or encouraged and may not be allowed. Every member agrees to volunteer in NHEA each year and this is not an exception for families with prospective Graduates.  All applications are reviewed and there is a process in place that all must follow.  Please contact our Graduation Coordinator with specific questions at