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Approved Home Study

Approved Home Study

Register your home school student with the state as an Approved Home Study option and this will satisfy your legal requirement to homeschool in the state of Louisiana.  You will also be eligible for TOPS Award.  As stated on the Louisiana Believes website you should register for Junior and Senior year, however, it's also possible to register using this method at any age or grade level.  

"To be eligible for the TOPS Scholarship program, students must be enrolled in a BESE-Approved Home Study program for both 11th and 12th grade.  In addition, students must meet TOPS' ACT requirements."

TOPS Program contact--800-259-2526, ext. 1012.  Or visit the LA Office of Student Financial Assistance website at


Curriculum choice by the parents.  Do not need to do TOPS Core Curriculum to receive TOPS, but is highly recommended because some universities require Core Curriculum for admission. 

4th grade LEAP and 8th grade LEAP tests are not necessary for Home Study or Non Public school seeking state approval students.

Documents required for application are a completed application and a copy of original birth certificate

For your 2nd year of Home Study you will need a renewal packet and you have two choices:

Choice one is lengthy and includes:  Subject outline, booklist, third-party statement, student work sampling, report card, and test scores.

Choice two is easy and most widely used:  Submit ACT Scores.

Application:  On-Line is simple and preferred but you may also mail in a registration form.  See their website below.

There is no value in a GED Diploma for college application.  Homeschool parents issue High School diplomas after students complete all requirements that align with state standards.

Go to to apply online.