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Field Trip Guidelines

N.H.E.A. Field Trip and Event Guidelines for Families with Young Children

Statement of Faith: Participants must agree and follow the statement of faith per the NHEA registration.

GOAL: Our goal is to lift up our Lord Jesus Christ and bring Him glory and honor in all that we do. We are representatives of Jesus, NHEA, and Home Education wherever we go. With this as our focus, we consider it necessary to conduct our behavior and teach our children to conduct their behavior in a cooperative and acceptable manner. We desire an excellent experience for our children, families and community and for others to welcome us back, impacted by our love. To promote these personal virtues and foster a healthy educational environment, Northshore HEA holds each student to the following expectations of personal conduct:

I. GENERAL GUIDELINES: Please discuss these as a family and review before trips.

  1. A)  Show proper respect to everyone you meet (other students, parents, and those within the


  2. B)  Be attentive: listen, make eye contact, do not speak or interrupt while another is speaking;

    and keep hands, eyes and feet from distractions.

  3. C)  Obey. If your child is behaving inappropriately, please remove him/her from the environment

    immediately for as long as necessary. If you witness any unruly behavior in our NHEA children,

    please gently correct and notify the parent immediately.

  4. D)  Be a friend to all. A friend loves at all times, speaks kindly, acts courteously, and lifts up others.

  5. E)  Be orderly, not disruptive, and be polite. Use good manners such as please, thank you, yes

    ma’am, no thank you, excuse me, etc.

  6. F)  Be patient. One helpful definition is waiting quietly.

  7. G)  Be promptThis means 15 minutes early.

  8. H)  Be prepared.


  1. A)  Follow all specific field trip guidelines such as abiding by age limits and payment deadlines.

  2. B)  Attendance at all events requires confirmation with the event coordinator to secure your

    position. If you’re unable to attend, after signing up, please notify coordinator; there is often a waiting list. 

  3. C)  Illness considerations: Please don’t attend if you or your children have had any contagious illness signs or symptoms in the preceding 24 hours.

  4. D)  Family members and visitors who are interested in homeschooling are welcome and invited to attend with you. Just remember to invite them and notify coordinator.  Prospective brand NHEA members are welcome to attend one activity or event that has no waiting list prior to joining the group.

  5. E)  Dress Code Guidelines: Dress appropriately, respectfully, and modestly. (See NHEA Dress Code requirements for fieldtrips and events)

  6. F)  HAVE FUN!!! Don’t forget your camera.  Upload the pics to the Treering album for yearbook immediately.