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Fall 2020 Participation Document(New)

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Participation Information and Tiers for 2020-2021

Tier 1: In Person Options and Virtual: Classes will be for Ages 13+ and will be Drop Off only. This way we are minimizing the amount of cleaning and contact in the building. We will be offering 2 class times in person only.

Please NOTE: The in-person options will be moved entirely to virtual if the following occurs: Maryland moves back to Phase 1 or there is a lock-down/stay-at-home order, the church asks us to leave or at the sole discretion of the coordinator.

The in-person schedule for the teens ages 13+ will be as follows:

8:45 am Check in

9:00 - 10:00 am US Government or Economics (Choose one)

10:00 - 12:00 pm Biology/AP Biology (This class will also meet on Mondays virtually- 2 hours in person and 2 hours virtual - for 4 hours total/week)

Students can choose to attend for 1 class or both classes. For example, if a student just wants to take Biology/AP Biology then they would arrive by 9:45 am for check in and will be dismissed at noon. If a student only wants to take US Government or Economics, they will check in at 8:45 and will be dismissed at 10:00. If they want to take 2 classes, then they would check in at 8:45 am and be dismissed at noon.

Drop off fees will be $75 for one class and $100 for both classes per semester, if we have a minimum of 12 students registered. If there are less than 12, the drop off fees will be $150 for one class and $200 for both classes. These fees will be the bulk of the church donation. There must be a minimum of 6 students registered for a class to run in person. If there are fewer than 6 registered, we will not offer the class in person but will offer it as a virtual option and if both classes do not run and are being run virtually, then all drop off fees will be refunded. Drop off fees will be due by August 31st. No refunds of drop off fees will occur if the classes run in person for any amount of time as the donation to the church will be given on the first day of the semester.

All students in Tier 1 also have the option to enroll in as many virtual classes as they wish.

There may be class fees associated with the in-person classes being offered and those would be in addition to the drop off fee. The regular non-refundable Fall and Spring Family fees will be assessed in addition to the drop off fee.

All students in person will have to abide by the CDC and State of Maryland guidelines. Masks will be mandatory, temperatures will be checked and social distancing will be enforced.

Tier 2: Virtual Class Options: There will be a schedule of virtual class options - some prerecorded and others live via an online platform of the teacher's choosing. There will be classes for many different age groups including teens.

Fees for virtual classes will be $45 per semester (Just the Regular Non-Refundable Family Fees assessed per semester). There may be a class fee for materials at the teacher’s discretion or a supply list will be provided and will be the responsibility of the student.

All students who wish to participate in any of our virtual options, must be registered for the class. There will be a minimum of 3 students needed for the class to run.

If you decide to move to Tier 3 for the spring semester, you will NOT be charged the Spring Family Fee.

Tier 3: Save My Space Option for 2021-2022: If you have paid $45, you have saved your space for the year and will be considered a member in good standing for the start of the 2021-2022 school year. If at any time you decide you wish to participate in the next session of virtual classes, you will need to resign a participation form. If you choose to move to Tier 2 you will be responsible for paying the Spring $45 family fee.

Alcohol & Drug Use Policy: Any event, activity, program, class, etc, that is coordinated through the use of MHEC group lists, including those held in private homes, will prohibit alcohol use by minors and  illegal drug use of any kind.  


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I confirm that I will not permit my child to participate in the in person program or activity if, at any time during the program or activity, my child is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 (including but not limited to fever, dry cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pains). Additionally, I confirm that I will not permit my child to participate in the in person program or activity if, at any time during the program or activity, my child has been in contact with any individual diagnosed with COVID-19 or any individual currently waiting for test results confirming the possibility of a COVID-19 diagnosis. I agree that in such situations, my child will be unable to participate in the program or activity until: (i) 14 calendar days after the symptoms first appeared and my child is no longer showing any symptoms; or (ii) a healthcare provider has confirmed in writing that my child has tested negative for COVID-19 or that my child’s symptoms were not due to COVID-19.

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Monocacy Home Educator's Co-operative has my permission to use my or my child’s photograph publically and privately. I understand that the images may be used in print publications (yearbook), online publications( MHEC website), presentations, websites, and social media. I also understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to me by reason of such use.

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It is our intention to participate at the following tier. (Note: you may change the tier level at any time by contacting the coordinator and resigning the participation agreement.)

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By signing below, I agree to all of the policies and guidelines set forth by Monocacy Home Educators Cooperative for myself and participating family members.