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Why Join CHEC ?


CHEC Membership Benefits Include:

Interactive Website Access with...

  Online Searchable CHEC Membership Directory of 100 or so homeschool families

  Directory of Classes/Opportunities for Homeschooled Students

  Printable Teacher & Student CHEC ID Cards - For discounts at museums, bookstores, other retailers, etc.

  CHEC Events Calendar - Find out about events, post events, and sign up for CHEC Events

  CHEC Forum - Communication with other CHEC Members

  CHEC Classified Sales/Curriculum Market - sell or give away items

  Personal CHEC Family Website for Each Family


$20 Discount for membership in the Texas Home School Coalition

$20 Discount for membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association

Opportunities to connect with local Homeschool Families

Opportunities for adult & student community service

Opportunities to attend and organize CHEC Events

Opportunities to serve the homeschool community as a CHEC Leader/Officer

Opportunities to volunteer for CHEC

Opportunities to mentor new homeschool families

Opportunities to partner with long time homeschool families


The following may be offered if sufficient volunteers, interest, and funding exist:

Student Photo Portrait Packages (sold each fall at a special discount - CHEC pays sitting fee)

CHEC Student Yearbook (sold annually at or below cost of production)

Events for the homeschool community such as: CHEC Back to School Bash, CHEC Thanksgiving Celebration & Open MIC Night, CHEC Father/Daughter Dance & CHEC Teen Dance, CHEC Science Fair, CHEC Mother's Tea, CHEC Homeschool Conference, etc.  

CHEC has no paid employees, so CHEC depends upon volunteers to host events.  Please contact a CHEC board member to volunteer to organize an event your children would enjoy. Thank you!