Membership Requirements


There are only two major requirements for membership within our organization:

1. You are required to be a homeschooling parent or a homeschooling legal guardian.

2.  You are required to reside in the state of Texas.


Other Useful Information:

Your Application/Payment for Membership: New members can join CHEC any time during the year, and an application will need to be filled out on this website to do so.  Membership dues are $30 per family, payable on this website.  Dues are non-refundable, non-transferable, are not pro-rated, and must be purchased per family.  CHEC does not offer group memberships.  CHEC does not offer free "trial" memberships.  All CHEC memberships, regardless of when they begin, expire at the end of July, unless renewed.  As stated in the CHEC bylaws, applicants for CHEC family memberships must be the parents or legal guardians of one of more children they personally homeschool, and reside in the state of Texas.  By applying for CHEC Membership, you are affirming that you homeschool in the state of Texas.  If it is determined that your family does not homeschool, and/or does not reside in the state of Texas, your membership can and will be terminated by the CHEC Board.

Notification to CHEC: CHEC member families must  notify CHEC immediately if they move out of the state of Texas, or are no longer homeschooling, so that CHEC can remove the family immediately from CHEC member rolls.  CHEC Bylaws state that membership shall be composed of Texas Homeschool Families.  Send an e-mail notifying CHEC of either of these changes to:

Dues: All members are required to pay yearly dues, to be determined annually.

Your Member Records: CHEC members are responsible for making any changes necessary to their family records on the CHEC website.  Please make sure that your e-mail address, mailing address, and other records contain no typographical errors, and that your records are updated as necessary.

Your CHEC Account:  Please do not share your login & password.  CHEC collects membership dues for each member family, and in turn pays a fee for each family using the CHEC website.  You are always welcome to sign up other homeschool families who are not members of CHEC for CHEC events, but do not give out your login credentials to anyone.

Voting: CHEC Bylaws specify that a Board of Officers be elected each year, and members are expected to vote.  Please be advised that you may also be asked to serve as a CHEC Officer at some point during your time as a CHEC member.  CHEC Members are not required to sign a Statement of Faith, but CHEC Officers are required to do so.  CHEC is a Christian organization, but CHEC members represent a varied spectrum of faith traditions. 

Volunteering: In order for CHEC to offer services, events and gatherings, volunteers are required.  All members should plan to volunteer their time and talents toward the success of the organization.

Communication/Sharing Information:  The CHEC website offers members the abililty to post information directly to the CHEC Forum, CHEC Classifieds, and CHEC Calendar.  There is no need for CHEC members to contact the CHEC e-mail administrator to post notices on their behalf.  CHEC members are especially encouraged to post events on the CHEC Calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts with events homeschool families are likely to participate in, and CHEC events.  The CHEC Board encourages communication which is helpful, civil, and honors God.  If it is determined that your communication puts CHEC in an unfavorable light, is disrespectul, or is perceived to be threatening to another member, or other members of the organization, your membership may be terminated by the CHEC Board.

Privacy: CHEC does not distribute a membership list to any organization, and we ask that members abide by the same policy, and refrain from distributing the member list.  CHEC may periodically distribute information to members about upcoming events or opportunities, but a list of CHEC members should never be shared with anyone other than current CHEC members.  

CHEC Events: You should plan to volunteer is some way to help make CHEC sponsored events happen.  You and your family can help set up the day of the event, or clean up after the event.  You can call a homeschool friend to see if she knows about the event, or needs a ride to the event.  You can spread the word about CHEC events -  invite homeschool friends at play dates, park days, co-ops, or classes.  You can sign up your family, and homeschool friends to make sure that the CHEC Board has an accurate head count to plan for seating, refreshments, and party supplies.  You can propose a CHEC event yourself!  Maybe it's just a mom's night out, where you meet for coffee.  You can do this yourself, and will only need approval from the Board if you will need monetary reimbursement!