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CHEC Sponsored Events

CHEC Sponsored Events are listed on the CHEC Calendar (on the member's only side of the website).  These events will only be offered if sufficient interest*, funding and volunteers are available.  For some CHEC events, a headcount will be taken to make sure there is enough interest for the event to be held.  CHEC members will need to sign up for events on the CHEC Calendar, and are also expected to sign up any of their non-CHEC member homeschool friends & guests who will attend.  

Please note that dates, venues, or details for CHEC Events are subject to change, so check the CHEC Calendar frequently for updates.  CHEC Members can log in and view the CHEC Calendar for detailed information, and to sign up family, and homeschool friends for events.  

CHEC Sponsored Events are usually open to the homeschool community, not just CHEC members.  These events are generally held at a public venue, rather than at a CHEC member's home.  Because CHEC member dues help fund these events, CHEC will frequently ask for a small donation from families who are not members of CHEC to help fund events.  CHEC usually provides a donation to the host church, and these donations come from membership dues payments.

Want to volunteer for CHEC events?  Contact CHEC at:   

* Note: Some CHEC events may have a minimum number of people that must be signed up for the event to be held, along with a sign-up deadline.  If the minimum is not met by the deadline, the event is subject to being canceled.  If a minimum number of participants is set, it will be noted on the CHEC Calendar.