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Welcome to the
Home School Fellowship


We are a Christ-centered support group for Christian homeschooling families.
We are based in the Smyrna area and our purpose is to provide support and encouragement for parents and extracurricular activities, both educational and fun, for our children.

What do we do? We have Mother’s Night Out, field trips, park days, holiday parties, family events, elementary events, upper events, and more. We play together, learn together, work together, and share together.

Would you like to meet us? We’d love to meet you and walk this journey together. We have monthly Mother’s Night Out which are open to interested moms. Look on our calendar for this month’s details. We also have a trial month membership during August/September and again in January. During the trial period, the applying family will be welcome to attend HSF events and access the website, just as members do. For more details, look under New Members of this year’s Policies.

How easy is it to join? We have 5 steps to membership: 1.) Complete our online application for review & approval, 2.) Agree to our Statement of Faith and Purpose, 3.) Agree to abide by the HSF Bylaws and Policies, 4.) Submit Membership Dues, and 5.) Complete a trial membership period.

Our annual membership fee of $40 covers most of the cost of special events. Each member is expected to plan one event or co-host one of our larger events, but the task is not onerous. We have excellent coordinators with some very useful website tools at their disposal to make advertising and managing your event easy. If you agree with our Statement of Faith and will abide by our Bylaws and Policies, click on Join Now! today and let’s get started.

We are sure you have more questions. Why don't you ask us using our Message Center?