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Homeschool Fellowship Bylaws


Our purpose is to provide a non-profit Christ-centered group experience for Christian homeschooling families. We are a volunteer organization. Our goals are as follows:

  • Encourage
  • Support
  • Inform families who educate their children at home
  • Enhance learning experiences by sharing resources and skills
  • Provide extracurricular activities both educational and fun

For the children, we provide monthly group meetings: field trips, play days and parties. For the parents, we provide parent meetings for support and encouragement.

Statement of Faith

The Holy Word of God:

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and that it is the Supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

The Trinity:

We believe that there is one living and true God, one Divine Being existing in three persons; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ:

We believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, the Word became flesh, fully God and fully man. We believe in His atoning death, bodily resurrection, ascension into heaven and his future return to earth in bodily form.


We believe man was created in the image of God. Through Adam’s disobedience, man was separated from God and became sinners by nature. Therefore, we are under condemnation. Those who repent of their sins and trust in Jesus Christ as Savior are regenerated by the Holy Spirit, becoming a new creation and receive a new and eternal life.

Christian Conduct:

We believe that a Christian should strive to live for the glory of God and the well-being of his fellow man, continually looking to God to renew his heart and spirit. When man fails to walk obediently, we believe that through repentance, the blood of Jesus Christ will provide forgiveness and continually restore the believer into right relationship with God. We believe that Christians should strive to walk in obedience to God by following Jesus Christ in thought, word and action. This is best accomplished by active participation and fellowship with a local body of believers.


Application for membership is made annually according to the guidelines established by the board for the current year. Guidelines will be evaluated annually during the planning meeting and established at that time. Guidelines will be written and kept on record. The membership year for Homeschool Fellowship begins June 1 and continues through May 31 of the following year.

A member is defined as any member of the family - parents and children - living at the members' listed address. Any other family members (including ex-spouses) who do not live at the given address may only apply as a separate member if invited to do so by the current member.

Dues will not be refunded. Dues charged pay for the website, supplies needed, and special event costs.

Description of Elected Officers


  • Responsible for calling and conducting all of the board meetings and/or the full membership meetings as deemed necessary.
  • Coordinates all activities and materials pertaining to these meetings.
  • Coordinates official contact with other organizations on matters of general interest to the membership (i.e., Georgia Home Educators Association, host church, etc.)
  • Oversees the activities of the group and acts as a manager of the officers and board.
  • Addresses problems and questions that arise within the group.


  • Works with the President in leading the group and acts in the President’s absence.
  • Acts as the new member coordinator, answering questions from potential members concerning the group and welcoming new members into the group.


  • Maintains the minutes of all meetings and disperses information to the group at the request of the President.
  • Distributes meeting minutes to attendees and appropriate absent members within one week of meetings.


  • Maintains a record of income and expenses following an annual budget as agreed upon by the board.
  • Will make up to date cash statements available to members upon request. Budget should be stored on the website and financial report posted annually.
  • Responsible for maintaining a record of those who have paid their dues.

The Board

The Homeschool Fellowship Board consists of the elected Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and Leadership Coordinators. Four elected officers deal initially with any issue that may arise; if the officers are split in making decisions they will then go to the voting board and the decision will be made with a ¾ carry.

Officers are elected by the entire membership. Both the President and Vice- President serve for a two (2) year term. Election for President will take place during the odd years and election for the Vice-President will take place during the even years. (Terms begin on June 1 of the school year. i.e., June 1, 2003 – May 31, 2004. New term begins June 1, 2003)

Secretary and Treasurer positions are one-year terms. Elections will be held annually with nomination forms, ballots and election results published on the website. If only one person is nominated for a position, that person’s name will go on the ballot with a “yes/no” vote and must receive a ¾ carry to validate the election.

Elected officers will work with current officers and leaders during the planning process for the following year.

Should the President resign during the term, the Vice-President will become President and fulfill the term. Should a Vice-President need to be replaced during the term, the group will be notified by website forum and a request for nominations made. An election will follow. Should the Vice-President resign during the summer, the President will make a recommendation to the board and an election will be held. After the board casts their votes, this election will be published on the website forum.

Leadership Coordinators

Homeschool Fellowship has leadership coordinators that oversee the coordination of categories of activities throughout the year including recruiting activity leaders for specific activities within that category. Leadership coordinators are approved by the Board at the request of the President and serve the membership for a one (1) year term. The number of positions may fluctuate from year to year, depending on the annual goals of the group. Coordinator positions may be added or omitted at the discretion of the President and the Board. Written descriptions of the duties of leadership coordinators will be given to them and maintained on file.


  • Annual membership dues are to be remitted to the Treasurer.
  • All members who have not paid will be “parked” until dues are received effective June 30th of the given school year.
  • “Parked” means you are unable to access the group website and cannot participate in HSF membership activities.
  • Dues should be paid in full and will not be refunded.
  • Members are to adhere to the approved budget for all functions and activities.
  • Before any funds can be spent on a function/activity above and beyond the stated budget amount, a request must be submitted to the Treasurer plus one elected officer for approval.
  • Any expenditure outside the approved budget requires approval by a majority vote of the Board. Leadership coordinators have power to reallocate funds within their budgeted events.
  • The President and Treasurer have signature authority.
  • A tithe of no less than 10% (ten percent) of the annual income will be remitted to our host church.

Member Expectations

  • Every member should host/sponsor, plan and/or organize at least one extracurricular activity per year for Homeschool Fellowship. Ideally, each member should provide volunteer support in each of the activities in which their children participate.
  • Members will be expected to sign up for a volunteer responsibility at the annual Kick-Off meeting or by the end of January.
  • Every member is to promote unity within the group through words and conduct.
  • Every member is to promote a high standard of home education both within and outside the group.
  • Every member is to conduct all activities with honesty, integrity, compassion and love.
  • Every member is to keep membership listings confidential; they are for members only and are not to be used to solicit business or non-homeschooling political views.


HSF events and activities are for members only. Guests are permitted for only three exceptions:

1) Moms' Night Out (MNO)

2) Grandparents - at the invitation of the member family

3) Designated Field Trips – only where the minimum attendance required for the event cannot be filled by HSF members.

Regarding the designated Field Trips, the event Coordinator has discretion to meet the attendance requirements and will work with the Board (if needed) to support HSF policies.

HSF Website

The HSF website was created so that members would have access to up to date, accurate information about the HSF membership as well as events and happenings within the group. Information on the website is for use by current HSF members only.

  • It is the responsibility of each member to protect their account password and not share it with any other person. Personal information pertaining to other members on the website is confidential and should not be shared with nonmembers.
  • Administrative Access to the website is limited and is to be approved by the HSF Officers.
  • Administrative Access is not to be shared.
  • It is the responsibility of each member to make all appropriate changes to their family's Profile (registration information to include but not limited to phone numbers and email address changes) and Family Website pages.

Problem Resolution

We will apply Matthew 18 to all conflict resolution.

When there is conflict between one or more HSF members, if the conflict cannot be resolved face-to-face between the parties, the next step of resolution is to take an unbiased Elected Officer with you to mediate the conflict. If a resolution is not forthcoming, the next step is for the representative Officer to call a meeting of the Board with both parties present to find resolution. The last step cannot take place until all other steps have been followed. Either party of the conflict can be asked to step outside for a period of time for open discussion during that Board session. If resolution is still not forthcoming, one or both members may be asked to resign their membership in order to continue unity of Homeschool Fellowship.

Changes to Bylaws

Amendments to these Bylaws must be approved first by the Board and then by the membership. Amendments may be initiated by current members and must be approved by a 3/4 majority vote of the Board at any regular or special meeting. Alternatively, the Board may choose to propose and vote on an amendment using the forum, which shall remain open for no longer than a week. that pass the Board’s approval must then be approved by a 3/4 majority vote of the membership at any regular or special meeting. Alternatively, the proposed changes to the By-Laws will be published on the website for membership approval by ¾ majority vote. HSF Members have 2 weeks from the day of posting on the website to vote. If a member does not vote, then that member will not be counted in the total to determine the ¾ majority unless the Board has been notified of a valid reason for non-voting.

Submitted to the Board: 3/31/15
Approved by Board: 5/12/15
Submitted to the Membership: 5/12/15
Approved as amended by Membership: 5/27/15