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JMJ Philosophy/Vocation Statement

JMJ Mission: We are a Catholic homeschool support group, whose mission is to support homeschooling moms by providing educational and social opportunities for JMJ children in a loving environment that promotes Catholic values. JMJ has been a non-profit organization for several years and was founded in 2005 by a group of astute and faith filled mothers who went to great lengths to devise a sustainable vocation to support homeschool families based on the model of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (JMJ). The organizational structure can be visualized by this conceptualization forged by the Founding Mothers of JMJ (see below). Starting from the bottom, we are a Roman Catholic community working toward the shared goal of decisions made for the Greater Good of JMJ. There are 4 main pillars of our community that support our mission, and they are:

1. Keeping a Spiritual Focus – We incorporate prayer into every aspect of our JMJ activities

2. KISS (Keep It Simple and Saintly) – Striving to keep JMJ activities, events, and organization Simple and Saintly in order to sustain our Mission and prevent burnout.

3. Stay Out of the Gray – As an organization, we are presented with numerous options and possibilities when making decisions. We aim to make decisions that are consistent and fair to everyone, if possible.

4. Fridays – Keeping our JMJ Park Day Fridays and First Fridays reserved for supporting the JMJ Mission.

The Holy Family is at the center of the organization along with the Holy Spirit in guiding our mission. On the frieze area above the pillars, we have Saint Leocadia, who was the first Saint who chose JMJ during the annual drawing of Saint names at our All Saints Festival. Since then, there has been a different Saint chosen (or chooses us) each year, and these Saints are shown in the area surrounding our JMJ community with prayers. The next section of the frieze is the Advisory Board (AB), who are a group of JMJ moms nominated to give advice to the Service Council on matters important to our JMJ members. To the right of the AB is the JMJ Legal Advisor, who serves to advise us on legal issues. Finally, on the far right is Volunteers, without whom JMJ could not provide its ministry nor enjoy the fruits of what our community provides for our families.

At the top portion of the frieze is the Service Council, made up of five JMJ moms, who are appointed by a previous Service Council as necessary to fulfill our JMJ mission and by-laws. Above the Service Council is the Spiritual Advisor, who is Father Bob Romaine of St. Paul Catholic Church. Fr Bob prays for JMJ and advises us regarding spiritual matters. Above that is Prayer – we are bound together and are stronger when we pray together and support each other on our common mission. At the apex of the JMJ structure is our Lord Jesus Christ, whom we strive to honor and glorify through our ministry.