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JMJ Park Day Rules

It is a privilege to be able to use the library, park and rec. center. Please be respectful to all staff and follow the guidelines below so we can continue to enjoy all of these wonderful facilities.

  • Please use the playground equipment appropriately. No climbing on lattice, trees, swings.
  • No children under 14 and in high school are allowed in the library without an adult present and in charge of them. You may use the library restrooms only with an adult present.
  • No one is to be in or around the rec. center unless you are coming to or from class. An JMJ parent should escort young children in and out.
  • Parents are ultimately responsible for their children, however if you see someone who is unaware of these guidelines or has forgotten them, please gently remind them and guide them back to the proper areas.

For use of the playground and park:

  • Closed-toe shoes ON at ALL times.
  • Do NOT go in the library without a parent in charge of you.
  • Play ONLY where your parent can see you (Stay in JMJ area).
  • CLOSE the fence when you go in and out of the playground
  • Do NOT throw sand.
  • Be respectful, polite and safe.
  • If your mom or dad has to leave or go inside the building, make sure you know which JMJ mom is in charge of you while they are gone.
  • Always use the BUDDY SYSTEM.
  • No guns or weapons.

Please go over these rules with your children.