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General Policies

Rules and Discipline

By joining the Co-op, each parent must take responsibility for their own children and also care for the students and children entrusted to them when other parents are busy. We must not hesitate to address any misbehavior or misuse of the facilities in love and gentleness, and then follow up by making the parent aware of their child's behavior. Parents should discuss with their children the expectations of the Co-op before the first session to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Rules will be kept to a minimum as much as possible, but common courtesies are always expected. Common courtesies such as please, thank you, ladies first, and loving your neighbor are always applicable. Rules will be clearly stated and presented before the first day of class.

Modesty Policy

To prevent any misunderstandings, the Modesty Policy (on the Forms page) must be agreed to by all parents, and also by any students over the age of 10. It is ultimately the responsibility of each parent (not Excelsior! leadership) to ensure that their children are in compliance with the Modesty Policy. Therefore, concerns about compliance with the Modesty Policy will be handled in accordance with the Conflict Stewardship Policy.

Conflict Stewardship Policy

Excelsior! understands that conflict is a natural occurrence of the human condition.  We are committed to the prayer that Christ prayed for the Body in the Gospel of John:  "Father, even as You and I are One, make them one."  Excelsior! is committed to the principles for conflict resolution as laid out in Matthew 18:15-17, Galatians 6:1, and 1 Peter 1:4-8. When handled according to Scripture, we believe that conflict stewardship is an opportunity to bring glory to God and manifest His character.

We acknowledge that conflict avoidance or identification is not the same as resolution, and that some members may feel intimidated with the concept of conflict stewardship.  Therefore, Excelsior! has a designated conflict stewardship volunteer.  If you desire guidance or coaching to help you with a conflict with another Co-op member, please speak to the volunteer instead of others in Excelsior! leadership or other Co-op members so that we might maintain integrity with the Scriptural principles in Matthew 18. 

It is the responsibility of all Believers (and Co-op members) to refrain from gossip.  Any problems, concerns, disputes, or hurt feelings should not be discussed with uninvolved parties.  Instead, sincere attempts should be made with the conflict stewardship volunteer (when necessary) to reconcile the situation, making every effort to live at peace with one another (Romans 12:18, Hebrews 12:14).  If a fellow Co-op member tries to engage in a grumbling session, a good strategy is to simply refer them to the conflict stewardship volunteer.

Struggling Learners

We are aware of the significant population of students who are making valiant attempts despite considerable struggles.  We desire to offer a discreet setting that provides grace in partnership with challenge.  It is the responsibility of the parent to take initiative with teachers to communicate your child's unique needs.  Teachers will appropriately make allowances; students must avoid excuses.  Excelsior! Board members can refer you to Co-op members who are able to provide guidance to families and/or teachers in this matter.  Please make the Director aware if you are in need of further guidance.

Waiting List

A waiting list will be maintained if the Co-op is filled to capacity. If a family withdraws from Excelsior! and desires to return, they will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.

Exceptions: In response to the Great Commission and in gratitude to our brethren on the mission field, any furloughing or returning missionary family will bypass the waiting list and have immediate access to enrollment in the Co-op. This gesture is extended in hopes that the Co-op might minister to the unique needs of missionary children transitioning back into U.S. culture.

Excelsior! Communication

Excelsior! uses forums on our website as a means of mass communication to members. Co-op members are able to receive email notifications when new posts are made to forum categories that have been selected in their personal profile. Families are responsible for all Co-op related information that goes out via the forums, regardless of notification settings. In addition, Co-op members are free to post questions, information, or announcements to the appropriate forum category. Other means of communication include weekly announcements at Opening and Closing.


Coop members are free to inquire about the distribution of their membership and class fees toward expenses. Any inquiries may be made to the Treasurer. All Co-op positions, including stations of leadership, are voluntary and without financial remuneration.