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Membership Guidelines

General Behavior

  1. Intracoastal Adventures is a Christian based faith group and each family is expected to uphold the Statement of Faith.
  2. IA represents homeschooling and above all, Jesus Christ to the community at large and to each other.  The actions of group members should make this a positive representation.
  3. Children are expected to be respectful of people and property. This includes obeying adults in authority, speaking respectfully to both adults and other children, and taking care of facilities and locations where IA members happen to meet.  Parents, make sure that your children are upholding these standards and that you are setting a positive example.  In the event that the behavior of a child becomes disruptive to the point of difficulty for the group as a whole, the child’s parent will be asked to remove the child from the event in question.
  4. Parents are responsible for their children safety and behavior at all times.
  5. We want IA to be a place where young hearts and minds are protected from a world that often asks kids to grow up too quickly.  Our children are growing up and developing, and our standards of dress for them as well as for ourselves should reflect modesty.
  6. For the safety of all children, NO weapons are allowed at any IA event (pellet guns, BB guns, sling shots, knives, etc.).
  7. We highly encourage children to unplug from digital entertainment (phones, iPad, gaming units) and spend their free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and connecting with friends while at the park.
  8. In order to prevent the spread of illness to a minimum, we ask that you not attend events if you or your child has been ill in the past 24 hours.  Including fever of 100 degrees or above, vomiting or diarrhea, head lice, chicken pox, eye discharge, hacking cough, bad cold, infectious disease, and cover open wounds.
  9. We believe in resolving issues between kids and parents in a Biblical manner (Matthew 18:15).  If the issues cannot be resolved then and only then will the leadership team get involved. 

Membership Requirements

  1. Adhere to all Membership Guidelines.
  2. Pay the annual membership fee of $15 per family.  This fee covers the cost of the website and group fees.
  3. All members should attend at least one park day per monthThere will be other opportunities throughout the month to participate (field trips, enrichment classes, etc.), but our Park Days are the core purpose of our group. Failure to attend at least one park day in a 4-5 week period will result in membership being “parked”. This status will limit your access to our group website and ability to sign up for special events and classes. 
  4. Plan and execute at least one group event.  This event could be a field trip, service project, education class, or enrichment activity. 
  5. Attend the annual membership meeting (held in the Fall). This is the ONLY mandatory event during the year.
  6. Each family is responsible for signing up their own family/children for events.
  7. Guests are always welcome to IA events, however some events may have a limited number of participants and IA members will be given priority over guests. 

Field Trips

  1. When on an IA field trip, follow all guidelines set by the location. Children and adults should give their full attention to those in charge and should give a positive representation of IA in behavior and manners. Members should follow times and arrangements made with the location by the field trip coordinator.  Members should refrain from contacting the location to make private arrangements. Contact should be between the IA field trip coordinator and the location only and not with individual families.

  2. Signing up for IA field trips takes place online through our website calendar. For fee-based field trips, payment must be made by the deadline established by the field trip coordinator. If you do not pay when by the deadline, your sign up will be canceled. If a sickness or unforeseen event prevents your attendance, you must contact the event coordinator to let her know that you will not be attending. In some cases a refund may not be possible.

Planning Field Trips

  1. The event coordinator should post to the field trip forum to determine general interest and for dates/timing for the event.

  2. Once the coordinator has enough interest to plan the event, the coordinator will fill out the new calendar event form on the website.  This will include the meeting date/time, general information, meeting location, cost and payment deadline information, etc.

  3. Members should use the website to sign up for the different events to help the coordinator keep track of participants, etc.

  4. The field trip planning form can help with preparations and can be found at: https://www.homeschool-life.com/1790/file_retrieve/51734

Website Usage

  1. The website is intended for members of the group, however exceptions can be made for families based on other circumstances (i.e... joining the next year, etc.)
  2. The message board is a place to discuss our group events, homeschooling, etc.  Please use the classifieds for any other advertisements not related to homeschool business.
  3. The Forums featured on the IA website are available for members to post and share information and questions about various topics. Our forums are quite active and a great source of support and encouragement for our families.  Considering we are a group that promotes faith in Jesus Christ, we desire to honor him in all we say and do and type.  Any posts containing questionable content that is in disagreement with our statement of faith or the mission statement will be removed. 
  4. The Membership Directory contains all member families contact information and is available on our website. Please do not use this list for any kind of sales or solicitation efforts, nor should members share this information with non-members.


The Intracoastal Adventures leadership is made up of three members who will set all policies and procedures for IA and makes decisions regarding group governance.  In addition, the said leadership will monitor membership and help mediate any conflicts that arise only after Biblical problem solving has been attempted.  The leadership includes: Patti Heilmann, Charity McKee, and Chelsea Samera.