Encouragement and Support for Homeschooling Families in Woodbridge, Virginia and the Surrounding Areas Encouragement and Support for Homeschooling Families in Woodbridge, Virginia and the Surrounding Areas

The WHEAT Story

WHEAT started as a loose-knit group of homeschoolers who met for what they called “Share and Care Night” once a month in Lorton, Virginia.  The children would recite poems, Scripture, etc. and share some of what they were learning with other homeschoolers.  From there, the founding members, Joanne Turner and Karen Webber who had a passion for homeschooling, saw a need to reach out to and connect the homeschooling community in the area, and thus WHEAT was born.  Beginning with a grand total of 12 families, the first by-laws were drawn up in 1994. WHEAT membership grew rapidly.

In the early days, although WHEAT maintained a Christian influence, it was not a Christian group per se.  In 2000, on the advice of counsel, the board took steps to tighten the bylaws.  Though remaining open to all, the WHEAT membership moved to publicly identify ourselves as a Christian group.  It was a turning point for WHEAT.  With this change, WHEAT took steps toward greater accountability in the leadership than had ever existed before.  The board members now must make a public profession of faith in Christ along with a statement of faith contained in the bylaws before they assume the mantle of leadership. 

WHEAT offers an exclusive monthly newsletter, which provides both information and articles of encouragement contributed by members.  We have monthly support group meetings, a number of clubs depending on what the membership chooses to sponsor, three larger functions a year for the entire family, and a restricted web-connection for and among members.  A fall kick-off picnic begins our year and gets WHEAT families connected in September.  In the Jan./Feb. timeframe, our winter fellowship, tagged the WHEAT Winter Gala,  provides not only a needed boost as we visit and encourage each other, but also a platform for our children to share what they have been learning through performing arts, music, demonstrations, and displays.  As winter draws to a close, WHEAT’s one day moms’ retreat affords moms a chance to get together for spiritual strengthening and support.    We usually conclude the year with a casual homeschool graduation for the entire family's progression in their individual grades with special acknowledgement of our graduating seniors. 

God has blessed WHEAT with much growth since those early days of its founding.  Our goal as a group is to bolster and undergird fellow homeschooling parents.  We believe homeschooling is a calling of God through which we seek to honor the Lord as we educate and train our children.  WHEAT is God’s local organization in Prince William County, Virginia to help us accomplish that, as we share with like-minded parents on our homeschooling journey