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About Membership

Why does FCFE limit their membership?

We desire for each family to form relationships within the group that would then create accountability, fellowship, support, and new ideas. Because fellowship is important to us, we do keep our maximum membership to 50 families.

Can I be in other homeschool groups while in FCFE?

Our members are required to limit their membership to FCFE only. This enables the members to remain focused on their obligations to the group, help maintain a strong and healthy organization, and also provide adequate time to create true and lasting relationships.

Do I have to be homeschooling all my children to be a member?

We do not require the families in FCFE to homeschool all of their children. We know that God has created all children uniquely and we do not think homeschooling is a one size fits all. We do strongly believe each family should seek God and His wisdom in educating their own children. Also, as a member of FCFE, you are agreeing to positively present and support homeschooling overall in a public setting.

I don't homeschool all of my children? How does that work with FCFE?

Even if you do not homeschool all of your children, please know that all are welcome to participate in FCFE events. (Excluding “bee's” and testing)

Why is your focus on the family and not just the mom? Isn't she the teacher?

We believe God designed the family to work together in all aspects of learning and living. Therefore, the dad and the kids themselves are an integral part of the homeschool success. This distributes the responsibility onto all family members and helps equip the children to “learn how to learn” and how to love it! We recognize in most cases, this does “flesh out” as mom being the primary facilitator, but it's also true that education isn't just 4 hours a day Monday through Friday.

Is FCFE affiliated with a particular denomination?

FCFE is not affiliated with a particular denomination. We have a FCFE doctrinal statement that is clearly stated. We do have members of different denominations, but we do ask each of our members to make sure they clearly understand and fully agree with the doctrinal statement before joining.

How do you decide on leadership?

Each year, a nominating committee (President and two members) is set up and individuals are nominated or re-elected to a position on the Executive Committee. The nominating committee joins the EC, praying for God to guide us as we make decisions. Nominees must be a member in good standing and must have been in FCFE for at least one year. A meeting is then held in order for all members to vote on the nominated officers.

Can I join if my child isn't school aged yet?

We start accepting families when their child is starting Pre-K (age 4).

Requirements of Membership

How do you define a member in good standing?

Members are in good standing when their dues are current, they fulfill their commitments, adhere to the Conduct Guidelines, follow Federal and Georgia state law requirements and attend the business meetings held twice a year.

Why do I have to commit to help in some capacity?

FCFE offers events, field trips, and activities. They would not be possible without help from the families that are a part of the group. We ask that each family commit to helping with two events/field trips/activities. We also would love to know your talents and gifts and know how you could help!

Why do I have to sign a statement of faith?

As a Christian organization, FCFE requires its members to be in complete agreement with our Doctrinal Statement in order to encourage unity as a whole. One of the reasons FCFE was founded was to increase opportunities for our children to develop godly relationships in a safe environment. FCFE encourages the family to keep discipleship and God’s Word the priority. This, then, becomes the foundation and catalyst for all academics, community service, musical training, art, sports, etc.

Why are dues $50?

FCFE provides many activities throughout the year (Mom's Night Out, Fall Planning Retreat, End of Year Celebration, etc.) that require funding. We also use funds to maintain the website and for supplies used in running of our organization.

Benefits of Membership

What do you do to encourage the mom?

The highest priority set is to encourage moms. Our Mom's Nights Out have been a highlight of the group for many years. This is a time for moms to get together and share about their own homeschool life and experiences. It is also a time to share about what God is revealing in her own spiritual journey. Guest speakers are brought in at times and members from the group willingly share their God stories with the intent to encourage and refresh.

How are dads included in activities or events in FCFE?

We believe it is important to include the entire family throughout the year. With Dad as the spiritual head of the home, it is our desire to help him nurture his relationships with his children by setting aside some individual time with them. Every year, our feedback confirms that this is a real desire. There are a number of events planned with dads in mind. FCFE will sponsor Family Park Nights and Couples Conversation Nights throughout the year along with the highlights of the year: the Father/Daughter event and Father/Son outing.

Where and how often do you meet?

Most of the meetings, events, and activities are held in Lilburn, Snellville, Loganville and Lawrenceville. The field trips are typically held within Metro Atlanta with a few exceptions. We have several activities available each month such as park days, field trips, Mom's Night Out and teen events.

Do we have access to testing through FCFE?

Each May, FCFE offers the ITBS test to its members.