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HCE Membership FAQ

How can I become a member or renew my membership with HCE? 

Great question!  You can do that by printing, reading, and filling out the HCE Membership Application and submitting your dues.  Dues are just $20 per family per year and include access to the member’s section of our website. You can mail in your application and dues to the address listed below or bring them to the first HCE activity you attend.  Mailing in your application and dues will get you connected faster!

What is covered by the yearly dues?

Another great question!  The yearly dues help to cover basic HCE activities and parties, access to the member’s section of our website, and our curriculum lending library. The PORtAL classes, additional educational activities, and field trips are not covered under the yearly dues. 

Why are PORtAL classes and some activities not covered in the yearly dues?

We are glad you asked!  We know that HCE families like to pick and choose activities in which they want to participate.  Some families like to be low-key and participate in a few activities, while other families will be all-in and do all or most activities. Having some fees separate from the yearly dues gives families the flexibility to choose their level of involvement without having to pay for extra things like a class they do not currently need.  Because we want as many families as possible to participate in our activities, we try our best to keep expenses to a minimum. 

I have become a member or renewed my membership. What’s next? 

Well, if you are a new member to HCE, then we ask that you go to and request membership to our member’s only password protected section of the site by clicking on "request membership" at the top of the page. The member's only section of our website will give you access to our calendar of events, forums, directory, field trips & activities, community events, and many other features. This also adds you to our contact list to receive emails and communications. Remember, this is included in your dues; and this is how we communicate with our membership.

If you are a current member and already have access to the member’s section, you do nothing. You will automatically be renewed to access the site!  Pretty simple, right?

Once that is all completed, you and your family can enjoy the activities and fellowship HCE offers!

Whether you are a returning HCE family or are new to our group, we are looking forward to having you and your family as members of Homestyle Christian Educators! 

You can mail your application and dues (checks made payable to HCE):


P.O. Box 552

Mountain Home, AR 72654