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Welcome to HCE!

Homestyle Christian Educators (HCE) is a group of homeschooling families in North Central Arkansas who join together to enrich our homeschooling experience by learning from and with each other.  Our co-op provides opportunities during the school year to participate in field trips and special activities. We also offer various class opportunities for children of all ages.  As a member of HCE, families are able to enjoy access to our lending library filled with homeschooling curriculum for all ages.

HCE keeps its members informed through its member’s site located on our webpage. Through this site our members can access our calendar of events, forums, and information on HCE activities, local community activities, and information that would be helpful to our families. 

For families new to homeschooling and those who are seasoned "experts” HCE offers:

  • Support and encouragement
  • Networking
  • Resources
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Friendships and relationships

Whether you are looking for a place to engage and become actively involved or just need resource availability, we encourage you to consider becoming a member of HCE! Membership opens on June 1st of each calendar year via our website. 

For information on how to become an HCE member or to renew your membership, please click on the Membership FAQ link on the right side of this page.  To download the Membership Application just click that link.