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Class Registration

Animal Husbandry

Grade/Age: 10 y/o–19 y/o
Dates: Sep 8, 2023 – Dec 8, 2023—Fri
Period: 12:30 PM - 01:45 PM, 3rd Period
Location: Planet Homeschool
Instructor: Jennifer Floyd

This is an 11-week (13¾-hour) Fall Semester class. There will be no class on Friday 22 September 2023 (the third week of PHS classes). Tuition has been adjusted to reflect this schedule.

Closeup on a chick nestled in the palm of a hand.This is the class for learning about domestic and pet animals! What range of vision does a horse have? Why do goldfish prefer friends? How long can a chicken live? Find out the history, care needs, and interesting biology facts of many commonly kept critters, from guinea pigs and hamsters to sheep, goats, and horses, to cats, dogs, and more!

Students will take notes and create an illustrated journal based on their favorite animals.

Students should bring a notebook or journal, pencils, and colored pencils (primary colors at a minimum) to class each week.

Students will research and present information (can be written, oral, or visual) based on an area of interest within the course’s range of focus. This project will be worked on both in class and at home.

Minimum Student Date: Fri 25 Aug 2023 — This course will be cancelled if the minimum number of students have not registered by Aug 25.
Registration Cancellation Deadline: Fri 25 Aug 2023 — Registration cancellations must be made by Aug 25 to avoid paying tuition.
Payment Due Date: Sat 26 Aug 2023 — Please plan to pay your tuition for this course on Aug 26.
Registration Deadline: Thu 14 Sep 2023 — Late registrations will be accepted through Sep 14, if space is available. Tuition will be due immediately upon registration.

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Image: Closeup on a chick nestled in the palm of a hand. 2018. Photo by DesignerVN on Unsplash.

Tuition: $151.25


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