Planet Homeschool Membership Agreement

Planet Homeschool Membership Agreement

· We understand that Planet Homeschool is a parent and student-run co-operative community and only exists through the cooperation of all its members.

· We understand that Planet Homeschool leadership and board members are just fellow volunteer parents, not trained professional administrators. We agree to assume the best of other members and to be courteous in our communications with each other.

· We understand that as co-op members, parents and students are all expected to volunteer our time and energy to the running of the co-op.

· We understand that we are paying for building fees and insurance up-front with our membership fee and that the membership fee is non-refundable.

· We understand that Planet Homeschool teachers are planning and purchasing for classes long before classes start and that they may not be able to issue refunds once classes begin. Class refunds are given at the discretion of individual teachers but are not guaranteed.

· We understand that Planet Homeschool is a diverse community that strives to be safe and welcoming to all. Sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, ethnic, or ableist name-calling and harassment are unacceptable and do not fit with our mission of acceptance and welcome. If intolerant or harassing behavior persists in spite of requests to stop, that behavior can be considered grounds for a student to be asked to leave the co-op without receiving any refunds for tuition or membership fees.

· When conflicts arise, we understand that students and parents are responsible for coming forward to work directly with other students, parents, and teachers to resolve problems. We understand that students and parents are expected to respond to behavior concerns in a respectful, courteous way, and that abusive language directed at co-op leadership, board members, teachers, or other parents or students is not acceptable and may be grounds for a family to be asked to leave the co-op.

· Although PHS is a drop-off co-op, we understand that parents are always welcome to stay at Planet Homeschool. If a student is new and especially if they may be intimidated by group settings, it’s a good idea for parents to stick around at first while their child is settling in.

· We understand that PHS welcomes students with food allergies and sensitivities, but we acknowledge that PHS cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment in the co-op’s rented, shared space. We understand that families and students need to be able to take responsibility for managing their food allergies and avoiding consuming allergens while they’re at PHS, and we acknowledge that parents and/or students are responsible for asking teachers for potential accommodations in classes, such as avoiding allergens in class projects.

· We understand that in some cases, PHS leadership or teachers may ask that parents stay on-site while their child is at PHS to help supervise their child and help the co-op function better for everyone.

· We understand that students have free periods or are here for lunch and are not directly supervised by adults on-site during those free times, though students are always welcome and encouraged to talk to the monitor or other adults on site if problems arise. As parents, we agree to carefully consider our child’s maturity and readiness to be on-site without close adult supervision during free periods.

· We understand that photos may be taken at PHS and posted on social media. If we prefer that our child/ren not be in photos posted by PHS online, we’ll ask our child/ren to stay clear of classroom photos or group shots. We understand that PHS leadership is not responsible for photos taken on devices brought to PHS by students.

As part of our membership in the Planet Homeschool co-operative community, we have carefully read the above and agree to abide by this membership agreement.


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Medical Waiver



If emergency medical attention is necessary for my child while they are at Planet Homeschool and I am not present, Planet Homeschool has my permission to call an ambulance to transport any family member listed below to the nearest medical facility for emergency medical treatment. I am responsible for all expenses incurred.


Further, I understand that this waiver applies to any and all family members present at Planet Homeschool activities who may need emergency care.






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Names of Family Members Covered by Medical Waiver: