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Closet Cleanup Day

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Date – Time

May 5, 2023 – 9:15 AM - 3:05 PM


Planet Homeschool
2708 33rd Ave NE
Saint Anthony Village, MN 55418 US
The Closet

Additional Information

Planet Homeschool's closet as seen from the doorway.All members on site are asked to help with a basic closet cleanup during the co-op day on the last day or Spring 2023. While the room is empty, we’ll vacuum, wipe, sort, toss, and rehome.

We are postposting our usual Closet Cleanup Day until later this spring because Faith UMC is scheduling repair for the water damage done to rooms 120, 121, and 122 this summer and wants co-op members to come and move all of our stuff out of room 122 (the closet) for that work (to someplace else inside Faith). When the work is finished, members will need to return and move it all back in.

Faith will contact our co-op’s leadership team when that is set and then our co-op’s leadership team will post an appeal to the membership for volunteers to help move stuff out and then back in.

Faith plans to remove and not replace the counters (the room was originally intended to be a computer lab), so there will need to be some rearranging when our stuff is moved back in.
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Closet Cleanup Day

We will empty out the closet, vacuum and wipe, and then sort, organize, and toss (recycle, donate, return).

We will stay until the work is done.

  1. The closet is emptied out, vacuumed, and dusted.
  2. Supplies are organized and made ready for the First Day of Fall Semester Classes:
    • wipe out and then restock the cleanup kits
    • empty name badge sleeves and recycle paper badges
    • sort through and neatly pack up theatrical costumes, props, and scenery
  3. Supplies and equipment are checked and plans are made for resupply or repair needs:
    • filters for Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes & portable HEPA filter
    • vacuum cleaners emptied and filters cleaned
    • power strip extension cord
    • stairwell floor signs
    • blue painters tape
    • paper towels
    • all-purpose cleaner
    • whiteboard cleaner
    • hand sanitizer
    • lanyards, clips, and sleeves for name badges
    • pronoun stickers
    • “Hello My Name Is” name badge stickers
    • Onsite Volunteer badges
    • antibiotic ointment for the first aid kit (check expiration date)
    • assortment of bandages for the first aid kit
    • assortment of dry erase markers
    • pens and pencils
    • push pins
    • scissors
    • Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths refills
  4. The Lost & Found box is emptied with items either returned to their owners, discarded, or donated.

Pre-COVID, a group of members would clean out the PHS Closet during the theatrical production’s day-long Tech and Dress Rehearsal.