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Deadline for Submitting Course Proposals for 2022-2023

Add to Your Calendar: 04/01/2022 04/01/2022 America/Chicago Deadline for Submitting Course Proposals for 2022-2023 Deadline for Submitting Course Proposals for 2022-2023 Planet Homeschool [email protected] true MM/DD/YYYY aUinrLWZczwYavqgBmQP30959


Friday 1 April 2022

Additional Information

Date subject to change.

Course proposals can be submitted online using our co-op’s Course Suggestion Form. All proposals must be submitted by the first Friday of April.

Most proposals are made by current students and their parents or guardians and by current instructors, but proposals may also be made by prospective new instructors and by prospective new students and their parents or guardians.

Before submitting a course proposal, prospective new instructors should first learn more about teaching classes at Planet Homeschool by reading through our co-op’s Information for Instructors. Current and returning instructors should also review the Information for Instructors prior to the submitting proposals for the coming academic year as our co-op’s policies evolve over time in response to changing circumstances and feedback from our co-op’s members and instructors.

You may check out our co-op’s Course History for examples and ideas.

Our co-op’s usual planning schedule has been modified to allow for more time to gauge the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our co-op’s plans for 2022-2023:

Course Suggestion Form   Course Details Form   Info for Instructors