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Minnesota Homeschoolers' Alliance (MHA)
A statewide inclusive homeschooling organization. A great place to learn about how to homeschool in Minnesota.
Homeschool Adventures
A community-created resource for finding local inclusive secular homeschool opportunities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.
MHT (Minnesota Homeschooling Teens)
MHT is an inclusive group for teens who are homeschooling in Minnesota. Located in the Twin Cities area, MHT's goal is to provide a social outlet for homeschooled teens who are 12 and older. Parents are also encouraged to join and help their teens plan events.
TCAHT (Twin Cities Area Homeschool Teens)
A Discord server by and for teens. TCAHT is for making plans for and talking about anything that interests metro-area homeschool teens, including ballroom dancing, book clubs, game days, NaNoWriMo YWP, nerf modding, park days, skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and more! Plus chat, cats, and other cute creatures. The TCAHT Discord server is open to both homeschooled teens and their homeschooling parents.