student hot glues a crystal to a staff, table top game, backlit biology experiment, students stands holding a foil, FPV goggles, transmitter and tiny whoop drone, cooking utensils, student's handing w Score and rehearsal for Babes in Toyland during the Spring 2019 semester a whisk in a bowl of frothed liquid from How to Boil Water during Spring 2019 semester two PHS students practice Ballroom Dance during Spring 2019 Semester money and worksheets from Japanese during Spring 2021 semester fencing gear including foil, glove, and helmet sit on the floor next a PHS student during a spring 2019

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Posted 11/17/22
PHS Leadership Team | News & Updates

Give to the Max Day

A Corsi-Rosenthal Box Give to the Max Day is Thursday 17 November 2022!

Our community has worked hard to build a welcoming and supportive community where students at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19 or who are in regular contact with someone who is at higher risk of getting very sick can feel both safe and included. Planet Homeschool’s approach to COVID-19 has been both cautious and science-minded, including additional air filtration via Corsi-Rosenthal boxes — but did you know that all of those boxes were built and paid for by the Minnich family?

Help our co-op raise the funds to reimburse the Minnichs for those boxes with a donation today — any amount helps — $5, $10, $25 or $100.

  1. Donate to this Facebook Fundraiser or start a Facebook Fundraiser of your own — Facebook takes care of the donation processing with no fees, so 100% of your donation will go to Planet Homeschool.

  2. Donate via PayPal Giving Fund — PayPal covers all transaction fees, so 100% of your donation will go to Planet Homeschool.

  3. Donate via GiveMN — you may opt to either cover the 6.9% processing fee yourself or have the fee deducted from your donation.

  4. If you don’t need a receipt for your taxes, you can also just hand some cash to Katie when you see her.

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