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What to do when you don’t know?

Yes, there will be times when your children stump you with their interest and questions. Success for your homeschooling doesn’t rest on you being an expert in all areas. Our best lessons have been those where I walk the kids through finding an instructional resource and then we learned together. As homeschoolers we need to reach outside our homes to bring in the answers, teaching our children to be resourceful and independent learners.

For quick questions or passing interest ( “How is soap made?”)….

For longer term interest or more extensive topics (Molecular Biology becomes your child’s passion)

  • Give them the time to explore this interest independently. For those that need structure add “independent research” to the schedule.
  • Ask your homeschool support group for class recommendations or if they’d share their hidden talents.
  • Look for online courses, like those provided by ACHC vendors.
  • Look for events or even competitions related to this area.