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How to spend less time looking for things?

  • Simplify and reduce how much is in your home. A tub of spilled crayons is much harder to pick up then one small box.
  • Keep track of what books you own with www.librarything.com
  • Don’t be afraid to lock things up. Your toddler may climb to the highest shelf, but a locked door or cabinet ends much mischief.
  • Work as a team. Mom and dad can do fun things if they aren’t the only ones picking up. Remember to make sure all members of the family know where everything’s “home” is, it may not be as obvious to them as it is to you.
  • Give a chore chart a chance, a few months’ time. Many moms save hours nagging with these.
  • Call in the experts. Sometimes it takes an outside eye to see how to fix a mess.