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SHHE Membership Agreement To Publications / Articles - SHHE Membership Agreement

Posted 11/22/14

I understand and accept that a condition of membership to the Sacred Heart Home Educators (SHHE) is loyalty to the Holy Catholic Church, the Magisterium, the Pope and local Bishops. My family, through the Grace and Mercy of God, strives to live an authentic Catholic lifestyle in accordance with the teachings handed down to us from the Apostles as witnessed to by the saints and as proclaimed by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and will abide by the “SHHE Code of Ethics” as posted on the website.

I understand that my annual membership fee grants me access to the SHHE website and forums, a membership directory, and a list of SHHE events from which I may select activities that my family would like to participate in, and that additional fees may be charged as a condition of participation.  I understand that as a SHHE member, my family is covered under SHHE's Liability Insurance for all SHHE Sponsored Events.  I understand that SHHE is an organization entirely run by volunteers and contribution of my time and talents aids to the support and success of individual families and our group as a whole.  In addition, I have read and agree to Statutes of Sacred Heart Home Educators including amendments and the communication guidelines. I understand that membership runs from approximately July 1st through June 30th (or until re-registration information is sent out by the SHHE Secretary) and that specific times and dates for the above referenced activities will be broadcast via email, web-site, or calendar postings. I further understand that SHHE reserves the right to change or cancel any events.

I understand that our attire should not cause sin or scandal.  This means that modest attire is expected at all official and member-sponsored SHHE events (i.e. no low-cut blouses, mini-skirts, short shorts, etc.) and profanity or obscenity on clothing is scandalous.

I understand that when participating in member-sponsored events or official SHHE-sponsored events, we are representing our entire Homeschool community and the Catholic Church.  This means that we should always ensure our families are respectful of the facilities we use (Churches, parks, homes and other venues).  In other words, when leaving the event, the venue should look at least as good as it did before the event started.  We should also be respectful of the start and end times of SHHE events.

I understand that the President of SHHE is the official liaison between the Diocese of Phoenix and the members of SHHE in matters relating to SHHE as a group. I will submit problems or recommendations concerning SHHE to him/her before contacting the Diocese myself. I give the President of SHHE my permission to represent my interest concerning SHHE activities at any and all meetings with the Diocese and its representatives. I understand that as participants in any and all SHHE activities I and my family agree to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless SHHE, its officers, and volunteers from any and all claims, losses, costs, damages, or expenses arising out of, or from any accident or other occurrence related to these activities.

Updated August 27, 2018