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Amendments to Statutes To Publications / Articles

Posted 11/22/14

As of October 31st, 2005 the following has been voted in as amendments to our SHHE bylaws.

Under ERC section C1 the following shall be changed to read:

The ERC shall consisit of the following members who have been regular members of SHHE for at least 2 years and are actively home schooling at least one child of Grades 1 through 12.

Under section IV Ratification and Amendments, letter B., the following shall read:

Amendments to these statutes may be proposed by the ERC or 20% of the regular members. A majority vote of regular members shall be necessary to amend these statutes. A vote can take place at:

  • Annual meeting
  • Special meeting for this purpose
  • Through a special email vote

The amendment shall then take place immediately.