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SHHE Forum Guidelines To Publications / Articles

Posted 3/9/15

Email has been a very useful communication tool for our group, but it has also been a device for division. For that reason the leadership has found it necessary to develop guidelines that should help email be a positive tool for SHHE. These guidelines may change and evolve as we learn and grow.

Purpose of SHHE Forum

The purpose of the SHHE Forum is to keep our group connected with each other and the community at large. Supporting each other in our homeschooling and in our love for Jesus and His Holy Catholic Church are central to our unity and should be the focus of our group email.

Categories of Forums and examples of each

(Examples are meant to clarify not to limit)

1. Homeschooling:

  • Homeschool support - Ideas and resources to help and encourage us in home schooling
  • SHHE Events and Activities - Saint's Day party, Birthday Party for Jesus
  • Classes and Seminars - A class you are holding at your house that you are opening to the group
  • Field Trip Announcements - Field trip organized by SHHE members
  • Request For Homeschooling Help - You have a specific issue you are trying to address and you would like to get advice from more experienced members
  • AFHE Emails - Homeschool information from AFHE
  • Events for Homeschoolers - Homeschool day at the Capitol

2. Prayer Requests:

  • for yourself, family and close friends

3. Off Topic:

  • Political - Information on actions we can take to have a positive political influence especially as related to homeschooling
  • Deals - Free day at the museum, free donuts on your birthday
  • Catholic News of Interest - News within the diocese and Church at large and parish events of interest
  • Local Events - Festivals, fairs, parades
  • Business Advertisements - For your home based business
  • Fun Places to Go with Kids - Homeschool day at the gymnastics center
  • Items for Sale - Homeschool curriculum, household items

Role of the Forum Moderator

(who shall be appointed by the board)

  • Monitor Forum for appropriate content
  • Handle Forum complaints - determine if complaint is founded and follow through with sender and person making the complaint
  • Refer Forum complaints that require more discernment to the board

Forum Etiquette

  • Disagreements between individuals should be dealt with between individuals. If resolution is not achieved in this way, first the email moderator and then the ERC, as appropriate, should be contacted for help in resolution. (see Matthew 18:15-17)
  • If you feel an email that was sent out was not appropriate, please contact the email moderator for assistance.
  • Personal attacks are not permitted. If your email has the potential to embarrass or hurt another, it is a personal attack.
  • Complaints regarding SHHE should be directed to the ERC and not to the group via email.
  • Look at recent SHHE emails and make sure a similar email has not already been sent to the group.
  • Always use the subject line. Use the categories of emails as provided above.
  • Be as concise as possible.
  • Political emails should be limited to facts only - do not include personal opinions.
  • Never forward a message from another member unless you have the consent of the author.
  • When forwarding an email, please delete all unnecessary typing from the email.
  • Use the "Reply direct to sender" link at the top of Forum emails when a group response isn't necessary.
  • If possible, send email information to only those families involved in the activity if you are closed to new members (Little Flowers, Blue Knights, etc.)
  • Continual and/or blatent disregard of this etiquette could result in loss of email privilege for a specified period of time.