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Service Teams

All members of KNEEL will be placed on a service team. Please note, some service teams start planning during the summer

Service Team Positions

Care Team: The care team will be responsible for planning two Mom's Night Outs, prayer request follow-up, greeting in the Mom's Time room, and sending one card to each member during the year, as well as providing meals to families in crisis.

Hostess Team: Coordinates and handles set up of snacks and coffee at all co-op meetings, and all other co-op related meetings. Team members need to arrive at 11:45.

Field Trip Team: Organizes and plans monthly field trips for students of all ages in KNEEL.

Fundraising Team: Plans and maintains fundraising activities including: Weekly student snacks, General Mills Box Tops, Christmas Silent Auction and the Spring Book Sale.

Moms' Time Team: Responsible for the speakers and activities in the mom's time room. They work closely with the Hostess Team to provide a relaxing and informative environment for moms to get to know other homeschooling moms and to receive support and valuable information that will make your homeschooling experience a blessing to you and your family.

Student Monitors Team: Responsible for supervising check-in, snack time, and friendship time during co-op. They are also responsible for monitoring and assisting classroom assistants, teachers and teen helpers via the walkie-talkies. Team members need to arrive at 11:45.

Student Events Team: Plan, organize, and facilitate the Student Events. The annual events are determined by the board, but events have included KNEEL's Got Talent, Christmas party, and Olympics.

Yearbook Team: Secure a photographer for Picture Day to take individual and class pictures for the yearbook. Plan the layout and writing of the yearbook including pictures of field trips and other co-op events throughout the year. Take pictures of co-op events for the yearbook. Coordinate the production and delivery of the yearbooks.

Board Positions

Board members must be available to attend monthly meetings, the New Member and the Parents' meetings both held in August, annual planning meeting, as well as additional duties as they arise.

Administrator: Assumes responsibility for all co-op matters. Represents the co-op in both public and private venues.

Asst. Administrator: Works with and assists the Administrator with the general operations of KNEEL Home Education Association.

Registrar: Coordinates all registration for new and current members of KNEEL. Serves as the contact person for all new prospective members.

Secretary: Coordinates all communication needs for KNEEL including the website, email updates, and keeping the minutes at board meetings, etc.

Treasurer: Responsible for all financial aspects of the co-op including the budget, tuition payments, teacher payroll.