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Our members enjoy all of these benefits!

Friendship Time: Supervised gym activity and/or social time for kids, from 12:00-12:20 pm at each meeting before classes begin.

Student Christmas Party: Games, treats, and fun to celebrate the birth of our Savior!

Picnics: Kick-off in September and Year-End in May. Families typically bring a lunch and come to play.

Scheduled Field Trips: KNEEL's Field Trip Team schedules a number of field trips throughout the co-op year. There is a nominal cost associated with most of these events. These have included in the past: Orchestra Hall performances, Homeschool Theater plays, Gedney Pickle Factory, Bachman's on Lyndale, Lakeville Water Treatment Plant, Cub Foods in Lakeville, Mill City Museum, Fort Snelling Homeschool Days in September, The Works Museum.

School Pictures: Scheduled in the fall on co-op meeting day to make it easy on all.

Used Curriculum Sale: An opportunity to clear off the bookshelves before restocking for the next school year and find some great bargains to take home.

KNEELs Got Talent (Student Interest Day & Demonstration Fair): Held in March during the evening hours to accommodate working parents or grandparents. This is an opportunity for children to display and/or present a hobby, academic project, art work, science or history project, book of stories, models, collections or interests. They will be able to display and explain their exhibit to the other children. This is a great opportunity for the children to get to know each other. The possibilities are endless.

Yearbook: An annual yearbook is produced which contains school portraits of the students, class photos, casual photos of co-op classes and field trips, and a Family Page created by each family.

Photograph Clause: KNEEL Home Education Association periodically takes pictures of participants in our classes, during special events, and on field trips. Please be aware that these photos may be used in KNEEL’s yearbook, pamphlets, website, or other presentations. If you or your family members do not wish to be photographed or published, you must give us written notice.