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The Church at Brook Hills has canceled all events for the next 2 weeks; therefore, BHC will not meet on campus for classes. We will host online classes via Google Classroom!

Welcome to the Brook Hills' Co-op (BHC)!  

Our mission is to support and encourage families as they lay a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Our desire is to implement a simple, peaceful, and cooperative educational environment that benefits and blesses homeschooling families and honors the Lord in the process. 

We want to come alongside and support parents by giving core guidance with freedom for families to school as the Lord leads, and provide community for homeschool students to thrive.

Registration has begun!  Follow these steps:

1.  Pay your registration fee of $125 per student (with a cap of $375) to BHC via Venmo at BHCoop!

2.  Your account will be unparked by administration, and you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the website to begin the registration process.  (Remember, we have almost 250 students, so this can take a little while!).  

Placement Tests

Placement tests allow students to register for the appropriate class in English and math at BHC.  Click on the Placement Tests icon below (see images at the bottom of the page) to determine necessary testing.  

Proposed Class Schedules 2020-2021:

(Click on links below to view schedules)

Lower School Schedule

Upper School Schedule

Underlined classes have a class description attached.   

Lower School Classes

Kindergarten - Kindergarten Classes, Kindergarten Art

1st Grade - Tapestry of Grace (History/Literature/Geography), Science, Art

2nd/3rd Grades - Tapestry of Grace (History/Literature/Geography), Science, Art

4th Grade - Tapestry of Grace (History/Literature/Geography), Science, Passport

5th Grade - Tapestry of Grace (History/Literature/Geography), Science, Passport

6th Grade - Tapestry of Grace (History/Literature/Geography), Science, Passport

Upper School Classes

Art - Refine Art (Tuesday, 12:00), Refine Art (Tuesday, 1:30), Start Art

Computer - Computer I, Computer II

English -Literary Analysis (Tuesday, 10:00),  Literary Analysis (Tuesday, 12:00), World Literature (Tuesday, 1:30), Writing I, Writing II (Tuesday, 10:00), Writing II (Tuesday, 1:30)

History - Economics, Government, Tapestry of Grace (7th-8th/Tuesdays Only), Tapestry of Grace (7th-8th/Thursdays Only), Tapestry of Grace (9th), 20th Century Wars and RevolutionsUS History I, World History I

Language - Introduction to Sign LanguageSpanish I, Spanish II, Sign Language (Thursday, 8:30), Sign Language (Thursday, 12:00)

Math - Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Personal Finance

Science - Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Life Science (Tuesdays Only), Life Science (Thursdays Only), Physical Science

Placement Tests

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