Payment & Refund Schedule

Payment and Refund Schedule

  • Membership Fee or J Term Registration Fee: Due upon registration and non-refundable.
    • Membership Fee:
      • $50 - Early Registration Discount, if joining by May 3, 2018
      • $70 - Full year, for the whole family
      • $35 - If joining after fall semester
    • OR: J Term Non-Member Registration Fee
      • $10 - To cover Hedfex costs (email hedfexregistrar@gmail.com to pay via Paypal)
  • Tuition: Write a separate check for each term, dated as of the registration deadline for that term. Checks for tuition will be deposited on or shortly after the registration deadline for that term. Unless otherwise specified in the class description, tuition is fully refundable if the registrar is contacted prior to the registration deadline or if the class is cancelled due to low enrollment.
  • Scrip: Any rebate balance at the time of registration may be deducted from the total of your check. To use rebates accrued between registration and the registration deadline for the term, contact the registrar to find your rebate balance, and mail a replacement check. If a replacement check is not received by the registration deadline, the previous check may still be deposited.
  • Quantity Discount: A family taking more than 5 classes (not including J Term) will be eligible for a $10 per class credit for the 6th and additional classes. This credit is available at the end of the school year and may be used toward tuition and fees for the following year or requested as a check.
  • Credits: If you have a credit remaining on your account when you leave HEdFEx, you must request a check in writing or by email within two weeks after your last active semester. After that point, rebates will be moved to the Hedfex general fund for the benefit of all members.

 A $3 per business day fee will apply to all payments postmarked after the due dates. Failure to pay promptly and respond to reasonable attempts to contact you may result in your registration being cancelled. Checks declined due to insufficient funds will result in a $40 charge to that member.