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Behavior Expectations for Guardians and Children

Be respectful of others, their property, their time, and our host facility. This is most of what we expect from everyone at co-op, but to be a bit more specific:

  • Arrive on time.
  • Remain in the areas of the building designated for our use.
  • Remain on the premises unless your child is 12 or over, and you have signed the Drop-Off Agreement.
  • Pay for any damage caused to the facility or other property by your children or yourself.
  • Recognize that we are a diverse group, and be sensitive and supportive of each other. Avoid hurtful, objectionable or controversial subjects.

HedFex uses a four-step procedure to resolve persistent problems with student behavior:

  1. If student behavior is a persistent disruption in the classroom or social area, the parent will be notified.
  2. If disruptive behavior persists, parents, student, co-op leadership, and tutors (if relevant) will meet together to brainstorm ways to support the parent and student in succeeding during co-op.
  3. If disruptive behavior further persists, a parent will be required to accompany the student at all times, including during class, if relevant. (finding alternative care for younger siblings is the responsibility of the parent)
  4. If having the parent present still does not stop the disruptive behavior, the student will be suspended for the remainder of the term. Suspension is used only as a last resort, when the disruption is significant, or a threat to the safety of others or their property.

No one expects children to behave perfectly at all times, but good communication will help prevent minor behavior issues from escalating into larger issues.