Job/Volunteer Descriptions

Scrip Coordinator and Scrip Assistant:

Oversee the Shop with Scrip fundraiser program by doing the following:

-Maintain and update a list of all active HEdFEx Scrip participants via spreadsheet and ensure Active/Deactive status of participants as Coordinator (Admin) on the Shop with Scrip website. 

-Answer on-going participant questions and help promote enrollment into the program as well as understanding. 

-Help with participant sign up.  Make sure all participants have signed the HEdFEx Scrip agreement and as notification emails come in, respond with next steps and enrollment code so that they can continue enrollment.  Follow them through to successful completion of Presto Pay sign up (and approve their status on SWS website). 

-Maintain Internal HEdFEx rebate tracking spreadsheet.  Run a report (typically semi-monthly) and enter all orders that have been placed by each participant over the date range.  Note any plastic orders placed and put a place holder for shipping costs which are calculated later.

-Coordinate with HEdFEx participants in the ordering of plastic Scrip cards (announce date, place PO in SWS for group order), coordinate with SWS accounting if an order sits too long.  Be available to sign for plastic cards when they arrive from FEdEX (or schedule pick up), sort cards by family, calculate shipping costs, enter shipping costs in Internal spreadsheet.  Pass out physical cards to participants.


- OTHER TASKS: Coordinate with HEdFEx registrar.  Help with policy  and process creation.  Coordinate with Shop with Scrip Customer Service (typically accounting dept or help line with other questions, but rarely necessary).  Be available for Scrip questions and plastic orders during HEdFEx school sessions, continue the above data entry portion while HEdFEx is out of session - throughout Winter/Summer).  Be available for a round table Scrip discussion during HEdFEx Open Houses/Book Sales.


Open house Coordinator:

-Fill out a room set up form and give it to Kari (she has them) for the day of the open house. We need one for our big room, one for the entry area, and one for the area outside our room where the book sale is held. The person coordinating the book sale will probably do that one. In our room, the main difference for that day are rectangular tables around the edge of the room where the teachers sit. In the entry, we need welcome tables and chairs. Don't forget to mark in chairs for all the tables.


-Invite all teachers to the open house who will be teaching next year and follow up with them to see if they can come. Strongly encourage them to make even part of it. Teachers like Cassandra who are in class and unable to come down sometimes have a table set up with an activity or information about the class. If they have not worked with us before- especially J term teachers- invite them to bring examples of what they will be teaching, etc. 


-We have plastic holders to place on the teacher tables. Someone needs to make smalls signs with the names of the teachers and the class they are teaching and company (if any) they are from. 


-Tell our current teachers that they may have extra students that day or parents sitting in. Most of them know this but it's good to remind them.


-Check signs- we have several trifold signs that are put out by the welcome table in the front, signs that indicate where the tour starts and what times. Make sure they are updated and accurate. 


-Get supplies for welcome table. We need several sign in sheets, name tag stickers and pens. In the past, we have sometimes put out balloons but it's an added expense. 


-Recruit volunteers for set up, clean up, welcome table, the registration table, and tour guides. Create an event on the website and have them sign up for specific tasks. 


-We have had speakers in the past- like Homeschooling 101, a round table discussion on how our Scrip program works, etc. These are a good draw and an extra opportunity to advertise.


-Make copies of the class descriptions and class schedule. People want to take them home even if it's all on the website. We ran out last year. 


-Make sure we have extra computers available for the registration table and bring down a power strip. 


-Advertise, advertise, advertise. We have made up flyers in the past and asked members to take them and post them at coffee shops and libraries in their area. If we do that, someone needs to either make a new flyer or update the old one. 


-Also in the past we have offered coffee, tea, and snacks. It's extra work and money and could make an additional mess to clean up. We haven't done it for the last few years and no one seemed to care. 


-Coordinate loosely with whoever is coordinating the book sale. 


Open house Assistant:

- Give tour of the facilities to prospect families


- Introduce them to the instructors so they can chat with them if they need to.


-Take the prospect families to the classes they want to sample


-Answer basic questions about how Hedfex works.


-If they have any more specific questions regarding fees, or special needs refer them to the leadership team.


Church Liaison:

-Establish communication between Hedfex and the Church as requested by the leadership team


Membership Liasion:

-Answer questions of prospective members via e mail or telephone in a prompt manner.


-Create external advertisements for Hedfex promoting the different courses or events and post them online or via e mail.


- Inform the leadership if there are any prospective families looking to sample classes in the midst of the school year.


- Coordinate visits of prospective members to the co op with the leadership team.


- Post reminders on Hedfex website about events: like pajama day, crazy hair day, potlucks, picnics, Valentine's Day, etc... Include any details concerning the events such as what members should bring to take part in them.


- Post flyers around community promoting the Open house.


Facebook Coordinator:

-Publish status updates relevant to current HEdFEx families, including reminders of registration deadlines and upcoming events

- Respond to any posts on or private Facebook messages to the group page, asking for support from the leadership team if necessary

- Engage current and prospective families in discussion on the group page

-Advertise class openings when applicable

-Share resources and articles relevant to current and prospective HEdFEx families on the group page


Book Sale Coordinator:

- Request tables from church for book sale

- Help post book sale advertisements(craigslist) other local homeschool forums or online groups(Big Tent, Yahoo Groups, facebook etc..) 

- Send out emails/ post on Hedfex Forum to members who would like to participate in sales

- Once someone would like to participate, provide details and send book tags sales

- Set up volunteer schedule of who is helping, what are their roles, (cash box, set up or clean up)

- Get cash box ready (petty cash) get lock box from registar.


Day of Books sale

- Come a little early, put up subject signs on each table for organization,

-bring notebook and calculator to keep track of sales and a phone/device that is connected to hedfex paypal and that has internet connection (get credit card scanner from registrar) 

-At the end help add up total sale and give amount to registrar.


Book Sale Assistant:

- Help the Book sale coordinator with the set up and the cleanup of the sale.

-Assist with the cash box when people are making purchases.

-Assist with the use of the credit card scanner in case purchases are not made in cash.

- Keep track of the tags  that are being sold and organize them, to be able to keep track of member's merchandise.

- Make sure to tell members to be there at the end of the sale to pick up their un purchased merchandise.


Advertisement Updates:

- Update the ad brochure, flyers, trifold and MHA ad as  required by the leadership team.


Classroom Signs, Set up/ Clean up:

-Prepare, print and allocate the classes signs to the correct classrooms before the start of the fall  semester, J-term and Spring Term.

-Print name tags for new members and existing members before the start of each term ( Fall, J Term and Spring) Or remake tag if anyone has misplaced theirs.

-Take care of the set up and the cleanup of the lists when required.


Schedule Printing:

-Request schedule prior to the start of each term. (Fall, J-Term and Spring)

-Print out 10 schedules and place them in plastics sleeves on the tables at co op.


Event Coordinator:

-Set dates for educational outings

- Co-ordinate with places such as Camp Tanadoona (fall and spring), Science Museum of Minnesota, Children’s Theatre Company, etc. 

-Post dates on different websites, such as Homeschool Adventures or MHA.

-Plan social outings that appeal to different age groups, such as Big Thrill Factory, Maple Grove community center, etc, and post on various websites.

-Keep track of what information is needed from parents for various outings.  For example, the Science Museum requires official homeschool documentation from each family.

-Post other events that might be fun for Hedfex members on our website, such as Barnes and Noble Educator appreciation days.

-Take feedback from Hedfex members about different days and times that work for outings. 

-Cancel or move outings as needed, depending on the response.

- Plan a few events during the summer such as going to the beach outings or park play dates. 

-Several times, I have had to put a down payment for something on my credit card, and then I have people pay when they come to the event.  If the events coordinator isn’t comfortable with that, they would have to arrange to have people pay in time for the down payment due date.


Idea Fair Coordinator:

-Set date for the Idea Fair (this year is the week between J term and spring term)

-Reserve space with church, send out reminders to sign up, keep a list of students signing up and whether they need a display table or performance time. 

-Print out award certificates, purchase snacks and have a donation jar for them

-Invite the Mount Calvary Preschool. 

-The teachers at Hedfex should be informed of the date for the Idea Fair, in case they would like students to display artwork, present a song with signing, etc.


Website Editor:

- Updating the homepages (private and public) when there are any changes needed, usually at the request of some other member of the leadership team

- Adding events to the calendar, helping create custom pages/polls/etc. 

- In spring, helping get the class info online in preparation for opening registration.

- No programming or super technical skills needed. If someone can use a program like Microsoft Word, they can edit the website.


Monthly Parent/discussion organizer:

- Collect discussion ideas from members via email or in person (past suggestions have been things such as: math curriculum, record keeping, taxes and testing, cooking and cleaning while homeschooling aka how not to live in a pigsty)


- Pick a date and time for the discussion. Vary the time by month so room parents can attend at least some discussions. Contact the Website Editor to get it on the calendar. Send out an email announcement.


- A day or two before, send out a reminder email. Ask members to bring any relevant things for show and tell (curriculum, cookbooks, etc.)


- Facilitate the discussion - make an announcement that the discussion is starting, so anyone who is interested can gather. Usually we just pull chairs together in part of Heritage Hall. Then, get the discussion started ("Who brought something to share?" "Anyone have a question to start off with?"). Note that facilitating the discussion does not require any expertise on the topic. Once things get started, some parents will have questions, other will have answers, or at least share their own experience. If it is a curriculum focused topic, it is usually easier to have a table where everyone can lay out what they brought, page through others' stuff, and just stand around the table and chat. That way, parents who miss the main discussion can still look at the curriculum later too.