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Open House Coordinator & Open House Assistant

Open House Coordinator

  • Coordinate loosely with Book Sale Coordinator.
  • Fill out a room set up form and give it to Kari Beckel of Mt Calvary, (she has them) for the day of the open house.
    • We need one for our Heritage Hall room,
    • one for the entry area, and
    • one for the area outside Heritage Hall where the book sale is held. Feel free to coordinate with the Book Sale coordinator.
  • Advertise, advertise, advertise.
    • We have made up flyers in the past and asked members to take them and post them at coffee shops and libraries in their area. Work with Membership Liaison.  
    • Make a new flyer or update the old one. Work with Membership Liaison.  (Gain access to documentation on our Shared Folder for the Open House\Book & Bake sale). 
  • For Teachers
    • Remind our current teachers they may have extra students that day or parents sitting in.
    • Invite and confirm all teachers to the Open House who are teaching next year.  This opportunity lets new and existing students the opportunity to visit and learn more about a class they may be interested in.  Teachers like Cassandra who are in class and unable to come down sometimes have a table set up with an activity or information about the class. If they have not worked with us before: ie J term teachers, invite them to bring examples of what they will be teaching, etc.
    • We have plastic holders to place on the teacher tables. Ask for help to make smalls signs with the names of the teachers and the class they are teaching and company (if any) they are from.
  • Recruit volunteers for set up, clean up, welcome table, the registration table, and tour guides. Create an event on the website and have them sign up for specific tasks.  
    • We can link a tracking document to the website for open volunteer positions via the Shared Open House Folder.
  • Table Setup
    • In the Heritage Hall room, rectangular tables are set up around the front edge of the room where teachers can meet students for Open House information.
    • In the entry, setup welcome tables and chairs. Don't forget to mark in chairs for all the tables.
    • Check signs:  we have several trifold signs that are put out by the welcome table in the front, signs that indicate where the tour starts and what times. Make sure they are updated and accurate.
    • Get supplies for welcome table.
      • several sign in sheets,
      • name tag stickers and pens.
      • In the past, we have sometimes put out balloons but it's an added expense.
      • Make copies of the class descriptions and class schedule. People want to take them home even if it's all on the website. We often run out.
    • Make sure we have extra computers available for the registration table and bring down a power strip.
  • Also in the past we have offered coffee, tea, and snacks. It's extra work and money and could make an additional mess to clean up. We haven't done it for the last few years.
  • We have had speakers in the past, like Homeschooling 101, a round table discussion on how our Scrip program works, etc. These are a good draw and an extra opportunity to advertise.

Open house Assistant

  • Give tour of the facilities to prospect families on the day of the Open house.
  • Introduce them to the instructors so they can chat with them if they need to.
  • Take the prospect families to the classes they want to sample
  • Answer basic questions about how HEdFEx works.
  • If they have any more specific questions regarding fees, or special needs refer them to the leadership team.