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Membership Liaison

  • Answer questions of prospective members via e mail or telephone in a prompt manner.
  • Create external advertisements for HEdFEx promoting the different courses or events and post them online or via e mail.
  • Inform the leadership if there are any prospective families looking to sample classes in the midst of the school year.
  • Coordinate visits of prospective members to the co op with the leadership team.
  • Post reminders on Hedfex website about events: like pajama day, crazy hair day, potlucks, picnics, Valentine's Day, etc... Include any details concerning the events such as what members should bring to take part in them.
  • Post flyers around community promoting the Open house.


  • Updating the homepages (private and public) when there are any changes needed, usually at the request of some other member of the leadership team.
  • Adding events to the calendar, helping create custom pages/polls/etc.
  • In spring, helping get the class info online in preparation for opening registration.
  • No programming or super technical skills needed. If someone can use a program like Microsoft Word, they can edit the website.