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Job: Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

  • Set dates for educational outings
    • Coordinate with places such as Camp Tanadoona (Fall and Spring), Science Museum of Minnesota, Children’s Theatre Company, etc
    • Access to Facebook page for coordination if desired.
    • Take feedback from Hedfex members about different days and times that work for outings.
    • Cancel or move outings as needed, depending on the response.
    • Post dates on different websites, such as Homeschool Adventures or MHA.
  • Plan social outings that appeal to different age groups, such as Big Thrill Factory, Maple Grove community center, etc, and post on various websites.
  • Keep track of what information is needed from parents for various outings.  For example, the Science Museum requires official homeschool documentation from each family.
  • Post other events that might be fun for Hedfex members on our website, such as Barnes and Noble Educator appreciation days.
  • Plan a few events during the summer such as going to the beach outings or park play dates.
  • Several times in the past, an event coordinator has put a down payment for something on a credit card, and then have people pay when they come to the event.   We recommend getting prepayment.  Options are cash or check received or use a paypal account. 
    • Note: Do not to use friends and family, otherwise your Paypal account may be tagged as not doing proper business, add the fee to the amount required by the family.