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Monthly Parent Discussion Organizer

  • Collect discussion ideas from members via email or in person (past suggestions have been things such as: math curriculum, record keeping, taxes and testing, cooking and cleaning while homeschooling aka how not to live in a pigsty).
  • Pick a date and time for the discussion. Vary the time by month so room parents can attend at least some discussions. Contact the Website Editor to get it on the calendar. Send out an email announcement.
  • A day or two before, send out a reminder email. Ask members to bring any relevant things for show and tell (curriculum, cookbooks, etc.).
  • Facilitate the discussion: Announce the discussion is starting, so anyone who is interested can gather. Usually we just pull chairs together in part of Heritage Hall. Then, get the discussion started ("Who brought something to share?" "Anyone have a question to start off with?").
    • Note: facilitating the discussion does not require any expertise on the topic. Once things get started, some parents will have questions, other will have answers, or at least share their own experience. If it is a curriculum focused topic, it is usually easier to have a table where everyone can lay out what they brought, page through others' stuff, and just stand around the table and chat. That way, parents who miss the main discussion can still look at the curriculum later too.