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Drop off policy

Hedfex allows drop off of children age 12 and over. Both the parent/guardian and the student(s) must read and agree to this policy. This covers only the responsibilities unique to drop-off situations. The regular Hedfex policies also apply. 

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities 

  • Note that Hedfex is not assuming guardianship and does not provide supervision of the student(s) other than the typicial supervision during class. It is the responsibility of the student(s) to stay on the premises and leave only with you or another authorized adult.
  • If the student(s) does not follow co-op policies, including behavior guidelines, you may be required to stay on-site.

Student Responsibilities

  • Stay in the classroom or the space designated for socializing when not in class at all times (other than reasonable trips to the bathroom).
  • Be respectful: Of others, their property, and our host facility. This includes getting to class on time.