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Elementary Apologia Astronomy 101/102


Exploring Creation with Astronomy

"To Infinity and Beyond!”

Join us as we explore the farthest reaches of God’s creation. Our students will go on a galactic tour of the universe, beginning with our sun, the planets, the asteroid belt, dwarf planets, and the Kuiper belt. Then we set off across the stars to explore galaxies, nebulae, and even black holes as they reveal the marvel and might of our loving Creator. Throughout the class, we will build our very own stellar models and journey across the galaxy with our Astronomer Passport books!  These visual aides will open the minds of our students and enhance their love of the stars. Each week, the students will complete a new section of their “Passport” with interesting facts, information and a picture of their “travel” destination. We will also make a visual aide in class, which the students can hang in their classrooms at home. At the completion of this year long course, the students will have their very own “Passport to the Heavens” Book, and a classroom size diorama of their adventures. Students will receive Passport Stamps for completing activities at home and earn “Star Points” they will be able to redeem for intergalactic prizes.  


Materials Needed

Each class will need the Exploring Creation with Astronomy Text and Workbook:  The textbook for at home reading and work. The accompanying Notebooking Journal should be brought to class each week. 101 Class will need the Junior Notebook and 102 will need the Regular Notebook


Students will be expected to keep up with assigned reading and notebook activities at home.  Each week, in class, we will explore a planet or concept using a hands on lab. Students may receive a handout to be completed at home. All lab materials that are not general household items will be provided in class and covered under the materials fee. 

Students will be given a quarterly quiz that will cover the topics discussed. 101 students will answer questions by connecting pictures and drawing images and 102 students will answer multiple choice questions in addition to a short essay question.  Grades will be provided to the parents, for their personal use. 

All students will present a short presentation on what they have learned or a favorite planet at end of the semester. 

Teacher: Mrs. Rebecca Beal

Time: Wednesdays 101 (1st-3rd grade): 9:30-10:25am

                                102 (4th-6th grade): 10:30-11:25am

Price: $150/per semester + $5 material fee