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Upper Elementary IEW Intensive Level A

Upper Elementary IEW Intensive Level A

5th-6th Grade (advanced 4th)

 Introduction to Writing with Structure and Style.

All parents are required to buy the $10 Structure and Style Overview DVD before their child takes the class


Pre-requisites: 1- Must be able to write two 4-5 sentence paragraphs on their own.

                          2 - Must be able to do basic editing and proof-reading of that paragraph.  

                          3-  Must take a typing class prior to the start of class. (www.typing.com)

                          4-  Must be able to have all papers typed for the teacher

Using an Institute for Excellence (IEW) theme book, this two semester class will provide writing instruction using the IEW writing method.   Students will be introduced to the IEW writing methods in class and then assigned weekly homework that will allow practice in these methods.  

Skills explored: Note-making and outlining, writing from outlines, summarizing from notes, narrative stories, short reports, writing from pictures, and creative writing.  Grammar, vocabulary, writing games, and sharing written work are intertwined within the program. The class will cover the beginning style and structure techniques of IEW, along with vocabulary that dovetails into the assignments.

The Institute for Excellence in Writing mission is “to equip teachers and parents with methods and materials to aid them in training students to become confident and competent communicators.” Your child will be instructed in the basics of this theme-based program and encouraged to grow in confidence and writing ability. 

Parents need to be available at home as both a listener and editor.  To help in this process, a one hour meeting with the teacher will be required before classes begin to introduce and explain the method to parents so that they can help students at home.   

                               Homework will consist of making outlines and writing and re-writing papers using the methods learned in class. 



Textbook: IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) Student Writing Intensive level A

Students will also need access to a thesaurus.

Supplies needed: 3 ring-binder, pens, highlighters, and paper.

There will also be a small materials fee.


Teacher: Robyn Holcomb

Time:  (advanced 4th) 5th-6th grade

             Wednesday 1:00pm-1:55pm

Price:  $150/ per semester